Indian Waters Council - Winter Camp 2022

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Winter Camp 2022

Event Details

2022 Winter Camp

December 16-19, 2022

Camp Barstow

100 Ruby Riser Rd.

Batesburg, SC 29006


What is Winter Camp:

The Winter Camp is held December 16-19 at Camp Barstow. This Winter Camp is held at the beginning of winter break just before Christmas.  A volunteer camp staff provides program help, guidance, and supervision in the area of Scout-craft, Nature, Arts, and Citizenship as well as many other specialty merit badges.   These may include merit badges that are required for the Eagle Scout rank.  

Scouts sign-up for Merit Badges in Bundles such as Fire Safety and Safety, Rifle and Shotgun, or Home Repairs and Painting.  They will stay in that Bundle for the day to complete work in both badges in that Bundle.  There are some Bundles that will only have one badge due to classwork and requirements.  Scouts will choose a Bundle per day (Saturday-Sunday-Monday) unless the Bundle takes multiple days such as Shoot and Cook.  Some merit badges will have prerequisites to be completed before attending.  Each Bundle has a maximum number of Scouts that can attend each day and may not be able to "squeeze" more in.  This is similar to the Bundle program at Summer Camp at Barstow.

What will we do:

Provide advancement opportunities for Scouts
Familiarize youth with the Scouting program through the outdoor experience
Stimulate Troop programming before, during, and after attending camp
Make friends and have FUN
Share ideas and enjoy fellowship
Camp-wide campfires and competition
Adult service project available (please contact Dennis Ely for more info.)

Who can attend:

Any registered Scouts BSA youth may attend.  Registered leaders and parents may attend if they have current Youth Protection Training.  Troops should make sure that all Scouts attending have adequate two-deep adult supervision at all times.  Multi troops may pool their resources in order to provide an adequate number of Scouts and adult leaders to form a unit.  Those scouts whos unit is not attending will need to attend with a parent or attend with another troop.

Cost to attend:

Cost to attend is $100.00 per Scout and $60.00 per adult.  There is an additional fee for Scouts who sign-up for Cooking ($30.00) or Shoot ($40.00) Merit Badges.

Must have parts A and B of the Medical Form

Merit Badge Bundles for Winter Camp 2022

Bundle                                    Badge 1                                    Badge 2

Arts                                        Wood Carving                             Art
AC-DC                                    Radio                                         Electricity
Boat                                       Canoeing                                   Rowing

CSI                                        Fingerprinting                             Crime Prevention                                                                                 
Fix                                         Home Repairs                             Painting

Motors                                   Automotive Maintenance              Farm Mechanics

Climb  (one badge)                 Climbing  

COPE (not a badge)

Safety                                    Fire Safety                                  Safety

Cook (one badge)                   Cooking  

Pets (three badges)                 Veterinary Medicine                     Pets                Dog Care                                                                      
Shoot                                     Rifle Shooting                             Shotgun Shooting

Community  (one badge)          Citizenship in the Community

Nation  (one badge)                 Citizenship in the Nation     

World  (one badge)                  Citizenship in the World

Society (one badge)                 Citizenship in the Society

Green                                     Forestry                                     Gardening

Metal (one badge)                   Welding



Merit Badge Bundles will be taught in one day during Winter Camp, either on unless otherwise noted:

            Saturday (morning and afternoon)

            Sunday (morning and afternoon)

            Monday (morning and afternoon)

This will keep the Scouts in that Bundle together for a day limiting the exposure to others each day.

Scouts may sign up for up to three Bundles unless a bundle takes up more than one period (day).

Each bundle has a set number of Scouts that can attend each day.

*Scouts taking the Shoot and Cook bundle will need to plan on all three days to complete this bundle.

For more information about Winter Camp contact Scott Hagler at 
When & Where
Winter Camp
Camp Barstow
Friday 12-16-2022 5:00 PM ET to
Monday 12-19-2022 5:00 PM ET
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