Indian Waters Council - Council Pinewood Derby 2020

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Council Pinewood Derby 2020

Event Details
Virtual Pinewood Derby Race
July 18, 2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
On the web via ZOOM
Registration is open to individual Cub Scouts.
Lion Cubs through Arrow of Lights.
Indian Waters Council Scout only.

$7 online registration fee per entry.  Registration includes a special patch.

Deadline to Register and Drop-off your car is Wednesday, July 15th by 5:00 pm.

This is a great time to run your car and see how fast it is!  Even if your Pack was not able to hold its Pinewood Derby or not, ALL Cubs are invited to register their car in the Indian Waters Council Pinewood Derby.

Trophies will be given to the overall winner in each Division.

The following are the rules for the Council Pinewood Derby

All registered cars must be brought to the Scout Service Center by Wednesday, July 15th at 5:00 pm.

Cars will be raced by the Derby Officials and streamed live to see all heats and finals in each Division. Cars and any awards will be available to pick-up at the Scout Service Center after the conclusion of the final of each Division.

All cars must pass inspection to qualify for the race.  The race inspector’s decision is final and supersedes pack level inspections.

  1. The body of the official BSA Pinewood Derby kit, SN17006, must be used.  Bodies of other material will be disqualified.  The body may be shaped, hollowed out, or built up from the original block as long as it meets all other specifications.  No loose material of any kind is allowed in or on the car.  Any additions to the original body (drivers, decals, paint, weight, etc.) must be firmly attached.
  2. The car’s width shall not exceed 2¾ inches.  This is the width from the outside of each wheel.  The length shall not exceed 7 inches.  This is to include all accessories (tail pipes, fins, etc.)
  3. The width between the wheels shall be be 1¾ inches
  4. The bottom clearance between the car and the track shall be ⅜ of an inch.
  5. The front nose of the car must not contain a notch (which will imbed racing peg).  If a car’s front nose is deemed to have an unfair  advantage due to notching or hollowing, it will be run backwards at the discretion of race officials.
  6. The weight of the race ready car shall not exceed 5 ounces as measured on the official scale.  The official race scale shall be considered final.
  7. Except for sanding away only the mold marks (flashing), wheels may not be modified in any way.  NO reductions in width or diameter or changes in shape are allowed.
  8. The car may not ride on any kind of spring or suspension.
  9. The car must be freewheeling, with no start devices.  There is no designated front or back to the supplied body.  Either end may be declared  the front.
  10. The axles supplied with the kit must be used.  They may be polished or lubricated, but shall not be significantly changed.  For example, the head of the axle shall not be reduced (The head of the axle shall look the same).
  11. Wheel bearings, washers or bearings are prohibited.
  12. No loose material of any kind (such as lead shot) may be used unless securely fastened to the car.
  13. Only dry lubricants, such as graphite or powdered Teflon (“white lube”) will be allowed for lubricating wheels.Other lubricants will foul the track and your car will be disqualified.
  14. Only a car built this racing season may be used for competition (Previous years’ cars will not be allowed to compete).

Deliver all cars to:

George C. Fant Scout Service Center

715 Betsy dr.

Columbia, SC 29210

Make sure all cars are clearly marked with the Scouts name and Pack #

When & Where
Indian Waters Council
Saturday 07-18-2020 9:00 AM ET to 4:00 PM ET Past
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