French Creek Council - FCC National Jamboree 2023

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FCC National Jamboree 2023

Event Details

Youth Scout Participant Cost:

At this time we re collecting a $175 deposit from all interested participants. Tthe total cost will be $2300 and includes everything for the Jamboree experience.

Contact the Jamboree Staff Advisor for options.  

Adult Leader Participant Cost:

$175 deposit and a completed leader interest form. 

**if not selected as a leader the deposit will be refunded. 


What You Get:

  • One Full Field (Class A) Uniform
  • Appropriate Jamboree Uniform Insignia
  • Five Class B Activity T-shirts (additional can be purchased)
  • Travel to and from Jamboree
  • 10 Days at Summit Bechtel Reserve
  • Jamboree Duffel Bag
  • Jamboree Patch Sets (additional can be purchased)
  • Shakedown mock campout weekend at CTSR

Age Requirements:

First class scout, or venturing crew member, and 12 years old or 11 and have completed 6th grade and not 18 before the last day of Jamboree





When & Where
Summit Bechtel Reserve
Wednesday 07-19-2023 12:00 AM ET to
Tuesday 08-01-2023 11:59 PM ET Past
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