Cradle Of Liberty Council - OA Fall Fellowship Weekend

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OA Fall Fellowship Weekend
October 07, 2022 6:00 PM: Fall Fellewship
Resica Falls Scout Reservation

Youth (under 18yrs)
Cost: $30.00
Adult Program Participant (18 - 20 yrs)
Cost: $30.00
Adult (over 21 yrs)
Cost: $30.00
Brotherhood Candidate
Cost: $40.00
Brotherhood Candidate (Ordeal member for at least 6 months) Already a member of the OA and Ordeal member for at least 6 months or longer.
Ordeal Candidate
Cost: $45.00
Ordeal Candidate (newly elected by your unit taking the Ordeal) Not yet a member of the OA, just elected, taking your Ordeal.

Registration Closes: Wed 10-05-2022 11:59 PM.Fri 09-23-2022 11:59 PM (Youth (under 18yrs) early discount ends)
Fri 09-23-2022 11:59 PM (Adult Program Participant (18 - 20 yrs) early discount ends)
Fri 09-23-2022 11:59 PM (Adult (over 21 yrs) early discount ends)