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Training - BSA Rangemaster

Event Details

The purpose of BSA shooting sports is to teach firearm safety while introducing youth to a variety of shooting sports programs. The BSA’s shooting sports programs are developed and implemented through age-appropriate training and experiences.




BSA Rangemaster Training and Certifications

Choose your Track:

1) Cub Scouts –  BB Gun/ Sling Shot and Archery (receive both certifications) District and Council level activity only.  Required to use inflatable archery range.

2) Scouts BSA – Tomahawk/Knife (Scouts BSA activity only, Not approved for Cubs/Webelos) This cannot be combined with the Cub BB and Archery Certs – approx 6 hrs long)

Providing safe opportunities for learning and understanding shooting activities. Cascade Pacific Council camps offer shooting sports equipment and facilities to provide a complete program experience for all Scouts. Shooting Sports are among the most popular and safest program activities in camp. We have invested in top-notch equipment for your Scout’s safety, advancement and fun. Approved activities by program are listed in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

When & Where
Cub Scouts – BB Gun, Sling Shot & Archery
Camp Lewis
Saturday 04-06-2024
9:00 AM PT to 4:00 PM PT Past
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Scouts BSA – Tomahawk/Knife
Camp Lewis
Saturday 04-06-2024
9:00 AM PT to 4:00 PM PT Past
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