Crater Lake Council - 2023 Outback Adventure: Webelos & Arrow of Light Camp

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2023 Outback Adventure: Webelos & Arrow of Light Camp

Event Details

Join us in an Outback Adventure at our Webelos & Arrow of Light Camp!

We are off to explore the final frontier: space! Cub Scouts will get to experience an out-of-this-world adventure at Camp McLoughlin during our Journey to the Moon Adventure Camp! Just like it takes three days for astronauts to reach the moon, it will take Cub Scouts three whole days to get in as much fun as possible out at Lake of the Woods. We’re emphasizing the fun of camp this upcoming season as we learn about Scouts that became part of the astronaut program.

Fee Prices for Webelos & AOL Resident Camp

Webelos & AOL Youth Early Bird: $277.00
Out of Council Webelos & AOL Youth Early Bird: $287.00

Register by November 30th, 2022 to receive the early bird discount.

Webelos & AOL Youth: $294.00

Late Fee Webelos & AOL Youth: $344.00
Out of Council Webelos & AOL Youth: $304.00

Out of Council Webelos & AOL Youth: $354.00
Cub Scout Adult: $222.00
Out of Council Cub Scout Adult: $232.00

Regular fees will be in effect starting December 1st, 2022. Registration late fees begin June 1st, 2023.

In-Council Webelos & AOL Youth Late Fee: $344.00 beginning May 31st
Out of Council Webelos & AOL Youth Late Fee: $354.00 beginning May 31st


Campsite Matrix
(capacity: 1 unit, 30 attendees)
Outback Adve
7058F FR
3112F WR
(capacity: 1 unit, 20 attendees)
Outback Adve
7027F FR
7028F FR
(capacity: 1 unit, 28 attendees)
Outback Adve
7018F FR
7090F FR
No units or participants registered for campsite
Campsite is reserved but has room for additional unit(s)
Campsite has reached unit or participant limit
When & Where
Outback Adventure: Webelos & AOL Resident Camp
Camp McLoughlin
Monday 07-17-2023 1:00 PM PT to
Friday 07-21-2023 10:00 AM PT Past
Limit One Registration Per Unit
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