Pathway to Adventure Council - Arrowhead District Fall Camporee

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Arrowhead District Fall Camporee

Event Details

Arrowhead District 
Virtual Fall Camporee



When? October 9-11, 2020
Where? Zoom
Cost? $5


Old time prospectors lived a very solitary life, maybe alone or with only a few close friends. With all that time some became great cooks, and used their pioneering resources to make some great camp gadgets to help cook.

Do you feel like a prospector cooped up in a mine?


Each individual member, Cub Scout, Troop Member, Venturing Member, chooses a cooking and a pioneering activity.  For cooking a Dinner entree is to be cooked for your family or for at least four persons.  (Parents are to supervise their Cub Scouts and understand what Scouts and Venture Members are doing at home.)  To help you stage everything for your dinner, lash wood sticks or dowel rods to make a table in a pioneering tradition. 


Scouts can earn the activity patch by sending a picture of their meal and a picture of their lashed table to Mr. Koch at 708-577-3156 or

Please include your Troop Number, Patrol Name, and the name(s) of the Scout(s) participating with this event.


Well come join us, and eat well. There is a patch in it for you.

When & Where
Friday 10-09-2020 6:00 PM CT to
Sunday 10-11-2020 11:00 AM CT Past
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