Pathway to Adventure Council - Iroquois Trails District First Aid Meet

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Iroquois Trails District First Aid Meet

Event Details

Iroquois Trails District
First Aid Meet





Saturday, March 14th, 2020
Check-in time: noon
Scenario Competition: 1pm-4pm

Patrols will compete in practical first aid problems, displaying hands-on skills from the Scout Handbook and First Aid Merit Badge Pamphlet.

Five Holy Martys Catholic Church (in the gym)
4327 S. Richmond St.
Chicago, IL (parking is free)


We are using Cub Scouts as “victims” during the contest.

Each den/patrol must provide its own adult Leader judge and Cub Scout victim. Each judge/victim pair will both be assigned to the same scenario and will be together throughout the event. It is important that each Troop obtain a permission slip from the Cub Scout parents.


 This year, there will be no distinction between Junior and Senior Patrols.

 We are requesting that you complete a patrol roster and turn the roster in at check in. Please print clearly!

 The registration deadline is set for Friday, March 07, 2019, which is only 1 week prior to the event.

 Maximum den/patrol size is 8 Scouts.

For the Webelos and Scout competition, the smallest practical den/patrol size to be able to complete the first aid scenarios is four scouts. The maximum patrol size is eight scouts. Each patrol will be assigned an area (approximately 10’ x 10’), which must also hold the judge, victim, and your supplies. Points will be taken off each time a Scout steps out of his area during a problem scenario. To facilitate planning, it is requested that each troop also separately provide the number of patrols expected (and size) to the event chair as soon as possible.

When & Where
Five Holy Martyrs Church
Saturday 03-14-2020 12:00 PM CT to 4:00 PM CT Past
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