Pathway to Adventure Council - First Aid Meet 2018 - Founders

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First Aid Meet 2018 - Founders

Event Details

First Aid Meet
3/17/2018 7:45 am - 8:30 am Patrol Check-In
St. Andrew School Gymnasium
1658 W. Addison Street
N.E. Corner of Addison and Paulina.
Chicago, IL 60613

1658 W. Addison Street N.E. corner of Addison and Paulina Limited parking will available in the church parking lot on the north side of Addison east of the gymnasium building (between Paulina and Marshfield).


Get ready for the Founders District 4rd annual First Aid meet to be held on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at the Saint Andrew Gymnasium at 1658 W. Addison Street in Chicago.  Participating scouts will demonstrate their knowledge of basic first aid by competing with their patrols through a series of common and not so common emergency scenarios.

Patrols entered in the event should be no smaller than five (5) scouts and no larger than nine (9) scouts.  Each patrol should bring two completed copies of the Patrol Roster form that is attached.

Each patrol must bring the equipment listed on the Required Equipment list attached  and will set up their equipment in one location in the facility while the scenario judges will rotate to each patrol location to present and judge their emergency scenario.

The judges will describe each scenario and provide all of the relevant background and known facts that the patrol must consider.    Members of the patrol will be selected at random to act as victims while the other patrol members will assess the situation, describe their approach to the situation and apply the appropriate aid to the victim.

Judges will provide a numerical score for the patrol’s overall assessment of the emergency and the demonstration of first aid techniques to the victim.  A separate panel of judges will score the patrol’s “call” into 911 requesting help.

Each patrol will complete all of the required scenarios and all scenarios will have the same point potential. 

All scenarios will be judged according to the information in the current edition(s) of the Boy Scout Handbook or the current edition(s) of the First Aid Merit Badge book with the Scout Handbook taking priority. 

Please be sure to arrive on time (or earlier) and with the required registration materials, adult volunteers and the equipment as well as your great Scouting Spirit!


When & Where
St. Andrew School Gymnasium
Saturday 03-17-2018 7:45 AM CT to 1:00 PM CT Past
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