Northern Lights Council - 2021 Alumni Association Dues

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2021 Alumni Association Dues

Event Details

The purpose of The Association: to preserve and
promote the camping opportunities at our council
camps; to inform the membership of the camps current
progress; to provide support for the current operations
with our time; talents and assets; and to organize
gatherings of the association. Membership is open to
all past camp staff members, campers or anyone with
an interest in the camps and the council.
Association dues are $15.00 per year for Annual
Membership, $ 25.00 or more annually for Sustaining
memberships or $ 150.00 (one time) Life Memberships
(payable in three installments). The Association’s
annual dues begin July 4 and expire July 4 of the
following year. Annual memberships starting after
January 4 will not expire on July 4 of that year, but the

following year on July 4.

When & Where
Alumni Association Dues
Center for Scouting
Monday 11-01-2021 12:00 AM CT to
Tuesday 12-31-2024 11:59 PM CT
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