Northern Lights Council - D14 Klondike Derby 2020

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D14 Klondike Derby 2020

Event Details

The Great Plains Premier Outdoor Winter Scout Skill Event. To be held in Plentywood, Montana February 1st to 2nd 2020.

Explorer Posts, Venture Crews, Sea Scout Ships, & Scouts BSA Troops are invited for the entire weekend. Cub Scout Webelos II/Arrow of Light Dens may come for day on Saturday February 1st. Per The Guide to Safe Scouting Cub Scouts/Webelos are not allowed to stay/camp overnight at the Klondike.


2020 Great Plains District Klondike

Hosted by Troop 283 Plentywood and Troop 298 Scobey

February 1 – 2, 2020

Wildwood Park, Plentywood, MT


The event is scheduled to begin on Saturday, February 1 and end on Sunday, February 2.

Troops that wish to come to Plentywood the night before must let Troop 283 know in advanced. Your meals Friday Night and Saturday Morning are on you and not provided by the Klondike.

Meals during Klondike will be provided by the host troops. If there are scouts who wish to cook for themselves (for a merit badge for instance) please bring what you need.

Warm up drinks and snacks will be provided.

The location has a heated building with rest rooms, but scouts will be expected to set up weather appropriate camp sites. Heaters will not be allowed in tents as per BSA guidelines.

Each patrol will need to bring a derby sled loaded with the required items (appendix A). Plans for sleds are available online, or through the district.


Event schedule (all times Mountain Time):


Saturday, February 1

0900 – 1000 Check In

1000 – 1100 Camp Set Up

1100 – 1115 Flag

1115 – 1200 Lunch

1200 – 1600 Events

          Fire Building

          Scouts will be challenged to build a fire with wood and paper. The fire must get hot enough to burn through a twine suspended above the fire. Fastest time wins. 

          Knot Tying

          Scouts will be individually tested on the following knots/hitches: Square Knot, Sheet Bend, Taught Line Hitch, Bowline, & Clove Hitch

          Each youth member of the patrol must know all the knots - individuals will be called forward and asked to tie one knot. When he or she is successful, the next scout will come forward until all knots have been tied. Speed and accuracy are judged.

          Ice Rescue

          Scouts will use the rope from their sled and any other materials found at the site to rescue a victim who has fallen through the ice (simulated). Scouts must not cross a predetermined line and once the rescue is completed, they must demonstrate knowledge of first aid for a cold casualty. Judging is based on skill, speed, and knowledge.

          First Aid

          Scouts will be asked to provide first aid to a casualty who is suffering a broken leg, puncture wound, frost bite, and hypothermia. They will be tested on their ability to assess and treat the caualty, and to provide transport.

1600 – 1730 Sled Race / Equipment Check

          Sled Race

           Patrols will race by pulling/pushing their sleds over a course to be determined. One member must be in the sled for the duration of the race, with one schedulted rider change during the race. All equipment must remain in the sled for the entire duration of the race.

1730 – 1830 Supper

1900 – 2000 Camp Fire

2000 – 2200 Games / Cocoa

2200 Lights Out


Sunday, February 2

0800 – 0930 Breakfast

0930 – 1000 Closing Ceremony / Awards

1030 Chapel Service (Troop Chaplain Aides will be asked to help)

1030 Break Camp / Site Cleanup / Travel



Appendix A

Sled Required Items:

Functioning Sled

Fire Building Supplies

          Matches, Tinder, Kindling

Ice Rescue Supplies


First Aid / Cold Weather Supplies

          First Aid kit, Blanket/Sleeping Bag, dry socks (1 pair for each patrol member), shelter material (tarp/tent)

When & Where
Great Plains Klondike
Wildwood Hall
Saturday 02-01-2020 9:00 AM CT to
Sunday 02-02-2020 10:30 AM CT Past
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