Conquistador Council - Wehinahpay Mountain Camp 2021

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Wehinahpay Mountain Camp 2021

Event Details

Wehinahpay Mountain Camp is the local council summer camp operated by the Conquistador Council in Roswell, New Mexico

Wehinahpay provides a wonderful high mountain experience for campers of all ages. Situated between 8,500 and 9,500 feet in elevation, Wehinahpay offers mild summer temperatures with low humidity, typically no warmer than 85 degrees and cool crisp nights that range in the mid to low 50's. 

Wehinahpay Mountain Camp offers a diverse program with activities for Scouts of all ages. In 2021, nearly 40 merit badges, an ATV program, Mountain Man, numerous new shooting venues and many more action packed activities will await your arrival. Whether you love to fish, go camping, or just sit in the shade- this is the place for you!

Book your reservation now to secure your troop's space at Wehinahpay Mountain Camp. Remember, it's the cool place to be!



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When & Where
Week 1
Wehinahpay Mountain Camp
Sunday 06-13-2021 1:00 PM MT to
Saturday 06-19-2021 9:00 AM MT Past
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Week 2
Wehinahpay Mountain Camp
Sunday 06-20-2021 1:00 PM MT to
Saturday 06-26-2021 9:00 AM MT Past
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Week 4
Wehinahpay Mountain Camp
Sunday 07-04-2021 1:00 PM MT to
Saturday 07-10-2021 9:00 AM MT Past
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Week 5
Wehinahpay Mountain Camp
Sunday 07-11-2021 1:00 PM MT to
Saturday 07-17-2021 9:00 AM MT Past
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