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Adventures in Virtual Merit Badges

Event Details

Virtual Merit Badges are opportunities for Scouts to work on merit badges virtually with registered counselors!  Virtual merit badge sessions take place in four ways within our event:

  • Zoom / Google Meet sessions –to- Email Submissions (online session)
  • Zoom / Google Meet -to- Google Classroom (online session)
  • Zoom –to- Community Meet Up (online and in-person session)
  • Seneca Waterways’ Scout Service Center Meet Up (online and in-person session)

Please Be Aware: Some merit badges will be limited to Scouts from within Seneca Waterways Council as all sessions (online and in-person) are needed to successfully work on the merit badge.

Heads Up: Prerequisites information & etc. pops up when you click the registration button to read before you do the actual registration.

Class Size: 3 to 10 Scouts with MAX at 10 Scouts per class. If less than 3 Scouts, a merit badge session may be cancelled. This keeps the quality of the BSA Merit Badge Program and ensures the Merit Badge Counselors are able to give attentions to each Scouts' projects and fulfillment of all requirements. Counselors must know that every Scout --actually and personally-- completed the requirements 'as stated', no more, no less.

Counselors:  Only currently registered Seneca Waterways Counselors with up-to-date Youth Protection Training are used for our merit badge sessions.

FYI... Blue headers are links that will direct you to a new window so feel free to hover and click!

Cost: Sessions are $5 per merit badge. (NO REFUNDS)

Google Classroom Restriction:  A gmail account is needed to access the Google Classroom.  Please be aware that most school emails do not work in Google Classrooms outside their school arena as most school practice student safety in what Scouting calls ‘Youth Protection’.

Time Zone: Seneca Waterways Council is on Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT), not Eastern Standard Time (EST) so please check your time zone information very carefully. EST will start on November 1 when we set back our clocks by an hour.

Prequisites:  During the registration stage, prerequisites and etc. are listed at the top.  Please take note of them.  If you misplace your prerequisites, click the 'waitlist' button, to help you locate them again.

Invites to Zoom/ Meet and Google Classroom:  After the registration deadline, Scouts (and parents) will be send invites in two ways: by email and by Google Calendar with your links and codes.  (Please note on some Eagle Required merit badges, only the Scout will be emailed the  invites - includes Two Deep.)

Waitlist is used only in the event a Scout has to cancel.  If you want to know the next offering, follow our Facebook page at for the latest updates.

Blue Cards:  Our event uses Black Pug system and Electronic Blue Cards referred to as e-Blue Cards.  Check out the HOW TO in the right side bar at the bottomHaving multiple options will allow for faster process of blue cards.  The e-Blue Card will require a Scoutmaster's e-signature prior to the session to follow the traditional method of a Scout obtaining their blue card from the Scoutmaster.

Scoutbook & Blue Cards:  AWESOME video explaining Scoutbook's Merit Badge Management for Scoutmasters, Scouts and Merit Badge Counselors.

Electronic Blue Card (e-Blue Card) - A TEMPLATE PDF that allows the Youth Leaders to obtain their Scoutmaster's signature first for the 'approved to work on a merit badge' Scoutmaster signature step.  Must open Adobe Acrobat Reader first, then the file of e-Blue Card PDF.  Some counselors may prefer the e-Blue Card over Black Pug. If your Scoutmaster is not technology savvy, share the Request for e-signature help below.

Scoutmasters/Counselors - Request e-signature help - Scoutmasters can obtain help from us to make an e-signature blue card template to have on hand for 'Approved to Work on this Meirt Badge' request from their Youth Leaders.  Counselors may make requests for e-signature blue cards.

Scouts - Request for partials or completed blue card - Please wait at least two weeks after your last session before filling out the form.

Scouts... Looking for a merit badge that interests you -or- help finding a counselor to complete partials?  Click here!

Counselors - Want to do Virtual Merit Badges or Community Merit Badges?  Click here!

Parents, Leaders & Volunteers - Want to help host a Zoom session --or-- help with Two Deep?  Sign up here!


Resources for Troops:

Mount Baker Council has some excellent Troop Resources!  The behind the scenes Scouter Alex B has organized the website pages that Youth Leaders will be glad they checked it out! - A Wood Badge Ticket from Scoutmaster Dave of Troop 167 within our Council. -- THANK YOU! - Another resource like ScoutSHARE from Scoutmaster Tony of  Indiana's Troop 199. -- THANK YOU!
Troop Leader Resources - Great resources to help Senior Patrol Leaders and Youth Leaders found on to deliver exciting, challenging and fun adventures in ScOUTING!
Troop Program Resources - Find awesome tools on to help your Patrol Leaders' Council bring merit badges and more into your troop's program plan to make it more meaningful and engaging as you embark on your virtual adventures!
The Adventure Plan - Remember Outdoor Adventures is the key element in OUTING in ScOUTING for BSA's Troops. With a focus on Outdoor Adventures this website is a helpful tool through all stages of Adventure planning.
Scoutmaster CG - Has some awesome information on his website.  Better yet check out his PDF packets and Inforgraphics as they are the best all around!
Boys' Life Magazine - A resourceful tool of information and more information from BSA.
For the Adult Scout Leader --- Bryan On Scouting blog - Bryan through Scouting Magazine has useful information on a variety of topics.


Merit Badges Resources:

Merit Badges With Time Element - By Northern Virginia Scouter who did a quick cursory requirement review for time component in the requirement wording. - Youth Leader Cole, who is an Eagle Scout, put together an AWESOME website with advice on merit badges and more to share with other Youth Leaders that is worth checking out!

Mr. D Merit Badge Review - Has not been updated since 2016 so still a useful tool in knowing the difficulities of the merit badge, along with the comments. 

Merit Badge Requirements Overview - Go to the BSA’s official merit badges page on Click the merit badge you are working on.  Did you know the last page is a resource page with a wealth of information to help you while working on the meirt badge?

Merit Badge Pamphlets - Thanks to COVID-19, Bryan On Scouting announced BSA moved much of its updated merit badge pamphlets to Amazon Kindle.   Now Youth Leaders can have the current pamphlet instead of using out-dated pamphlets in troop libraries and on the internet.

Worksheets - With the Google Classroom set up, most counselors opt out of using worksheets but if needed, see links below. Remember before making any changes to a worksheet to do ‘save as’ to your computer first. Then open the worksheet from your computer files, not the browser.  Merit Badge Worksheets   --or--  BSA STEM worksheets

Cyber Chip - Scouts, protect yourself by Be Prepared in having your current Cyber Chip for your grade before you venture into the virtual world of merit badges!  As part of your rank advancements, one is required to recharge annually.  Here is two online training videos to help:  6th to 8th grade video --and--  9th to 12th grade video.

NEW -- Created for Scouts, BSA...
Check out our Helpful Guides and Trackers as some Merit Badges tie into other BSA Awards:  Coming soon!

  • BSA STEM Merit Badge Tracker
  • National Outdoors Awards Merit Badge Tracker
  • Conservation Awards Merit Badge Tracker
  • EPA 50th Anniversary Scouting Award - expires December 31, 2021
  • For the Homeschooler - Merit Badges by School Subject


Merit Badge Tracker - Pick the one that suits you best!

  • Merit Badge Booklet
  • Visual Eagle Scout Merit Badge Tracker
  • Scout's Organizer Helps
  • One Page Merit Badge Tracker
  • Excel Merit Badge Tracker

Feel free to share but please give credit to the volunteers of Seneca Waterways for creating these helpful PDFs for Scouts.

When & Where
Wood Carving #7 - J. Griffen
Hungerford Building - Studio #244
Thursday 06-03-2021 3:00 PM ET to
Thursday 06-10-2021 6:00 PM ET
More Information

Wood Carving #3 - J. Griffen
Hungerford Building - Studio #244
Thursday 02-04-2021 2:00 PM ET to
Thursday 02-11-2021 5:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Personal Fitness #2 - A. Pullen
Google Classroom & Zoom
Monday 02-08-2021 4:00 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET Past
More Information

Emergency Preparedness #2 - H. Stave
email submissions & Zoom
Monday 02-15-2021 4:30 PM ET to
Monday 02-22-2021 6:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Public Speaking #2 - J. Griffen
email submissions & Zoom
Wednesday 02-17-2021 3:00 PM ET to
Wednesday 02-24-2021 5:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Wood Carving #4 - J. Griffen
Hungerford Building - Studio #244
Thursday 03-04-2021 3:00 PM ET to
Thursday 03-11-2021 6:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Wood Carving #5 - J. Griffen
Hungerford Building - Studio #244
Thursday 04-01-2021 3:00 PM ET to
Thursday 04-08-2021 6:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Personal Fitness #3 - A. Pullen
Google Classroom & Zoom
Monday 04-12-2021 4:00 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET Past
More Information

Public Speaking #3 - J. Griffen
email submissions & Zoom
Wednesday 04-14-2021 3:00 PM ET to
Wednesday 04-21-2021 5:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Wood Carving #6 - J. Griffen
Hungerford Building - Studio #244
Thursday 05-06-2021 3:00 PM ET to
Thursday 05-13-2021 6:00 PM ET
More Information