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Girls Adventure Camp

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J. Warren Cutler Scout Reservation will be hosting a girls-only session.
From August 2 – 4, 2018, girls from ages 5 – 18, and a parent/guardian, will get to experience the adventures found at the area’s premier Adventure Camp. Located just North of Naples, NY in the beautiful Bristol Hills, our camp has fired the imaginations of boys for 25 years and now it’s time for the girls to have their turn! 

For three days and two nights, girls will enjoy all the camp activities like swimming, boating archery, hiking, nature and shooting sports plus great age-appropriate activities in their villages. Girls attend camp with a parent and participate in all the adventures that Cub Scouts enjoy.

The Medieval Castle (for Tiger and Wolf / ages 6-7)
Walk over the drawbridge and back into medieval times. As a princess of the castle, you'll decorate your own crown to wear as you learn about camp life. Fishing, swimming, archery, boating, shooting sports and nature are just some of the adventures you'll have at camp.

The High Seas (for Bear and Webelos / ages 8-9)
Ahoy matyes and welcome to the High Seas! Grab your fishing rod and your bathing suit because you're going on an adventure with your captain and first mate. As a pirate on the High Seas, you'll battle another ship in a sponge war, enjoy pirate-themed fun, test your skills at archery and shooting sports, fish, swim and so much more!

The Native American Village (for ages 10-12)
Welcome to life before the settlers came to America! With a longhouse, tepee, and totem pole, you'll feel as though you've stepped back in time. During your stay, you'll learn how to make traditional Native American crafts, such as dream catchers and choker necklaces, and learn the lore behind them. A game of lacrosse will sharpen your native skills and you'll leave with a new appreciation of the Native American culture.

The Pioneer Fort (for ages 13-15)
Howdy Partner! Get ready for life in the 1800's when you step through the gates of Fort Radcliffe to meet your sheriff. You'll spend your days as a settler, create your own pioneer game, pan for gold in a creek bed, and eat your hand-made ice cream are the types of activities you'll enjoy before becoming an honorary deputy for the rest of your stay.

The Mountain Gal Encampment (for ages 16-18)
Girls staying in our Mountain Gal Encampment Will get to choose how their adventure unfolds. Choose from three different adventures: hiking, outpost camping, and Dutch oven cooking.  Sharpen your skills in one of these areas and round out your adventure by participating in our awesome Camp Cutler Mud Run! (If girls choose more that one adventure, we'll go with the one chosen by most girls.)

How much does it cost?
The cost for this 3 day,2 night adventure is $205 for girls and $125 for adults. At least one adult is required to attend with every 4 girls.

Special Offer for the first 80 girls that register as a group:
When a group of at least three girls attends camp together, with at least one adult leader, each girl can attend for $75 each and adults attend for FREE.  That's $255 off attending on your own! In order to qualify, all members of the group must be registered Cub Scouts and have a camp reservation by June 15th.  

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Native American Village
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Judy Williams
Program Director - Cub Scout Adventure Camp
Chris Guarniere
Director of Support Services
Burt & Chuck August Scout Service Center
2320 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd
Rochester, New York 14623
Phone: 585.244.4210
When & Where
Girls Adventure
J. Warren Cutler Scout Reservation
Thursday 08-02-2018 12:00 PM to
Saturday 08-04-2018 6:00 PM Past
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