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RacDeever Scouts BSA Virtual Summer Camp

Event Details

2020 Virtual Summer Camp - Search for the Missing RacDeever

We’re in this together! Though we may be apart, we are proud to present a summer experience as we never have before. Continue your Scouting journey with us through advancement opportunities, summer camp traditions, merit badge programs, challenges, experiments, adventures, and so much more!

What To Expect 

We will meet Monday through Friday during your session, with program offerings designed for all Scouts BSA members. Content will be a combination of interactive live content and engaging videos delivered through a dedicated online platform. Exciting content will be delivered by some of your favorite summer camp counselors!

Whether you’ve just crossed over and your summer goal is to learn the skills needed to succeed on your trail to First Class, or you’re a seasoned Scout whose goal is to make progress towards a new skill or merit badge, we’re here to support you. Your experience will be a combination of merit badges, activities, skill instruction, work towards rank requirements, and numerous other interactive and engaging experiences. Scouts will be able to sign-up for merit badges and activities they are interested in participating in during their week. Registration, via this site, is now live for all six sessions! Merit badge and activity selection will be available within your registration within a few weeks ( a specific date will be communicated via email). The specific merit badge and activity schedule will be published on Friday, June 19th.

For us, this is a chance to teach, mentor, guide, and enable our Scouts in ways perhaps we’ve never considered. Together, our team of summer camp staff will bring you high quality and dynamic content developed specifically for this program. See the list of Frequently Asked Questions (below) for more about the weekly program.

Most importantly, we believe the foundational values found in the Scout Oath and Law are more important during this time than ever before. Together we’ll keep the fire of Scouting burning bright in the best ways we can: in our hearts, our minds, our backyards, our kitchens, our neighborhoods, and through fellowship with fellow Scouts. We’ll also stay active and have a ton of fun, which is essential to good Scouting. Hone your skills, dare to step outside your comfort zone with friends from your Patrol, your Troop, or around the country. Rise to meet the challenge as Scouts have always done: by being prepared and resilient, being prepared through adventure, and being prepared for life.


Questions & Support

Questions regarding this program should be directed to


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What merit badges and activities are being offered?

A: The specific merit badge and activity schedule will be released on June 19th. Each week  there will be a long list of opportunities to participate in: merit badges, rank advancement (Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class - similar to Eagle Quest), adventures, and activities outside of advancement (i.e. campfires, interactive nature hikes, virtual camp tours, etc.). A Scout will be limited to participating in 3 merit badges per week. The detailed merit badge and activity schedule will be posted to this registration site. In addition, if you would like to ensure you receive that schedule via email please register today. 

Q: Will the program be the same each week?

A:  Right now the plan is that each week will have similar program offerings. However, it is anticipated that each week will have more activities available (merit badges, rank advancement, and other activities) than a Scout will have time to participate in. So, your Scout may want to participate in a 2nd week/session. In addition, based upon feedback from you, we may adjust the program over the course of the summer. For example, if we receive feedback that Scouts would like to see a particular merit badge offered we may be able add that particular program.

Q: What does the daily schedule look like?

A: The daily schedule is currently in development. However, just like summer camp, a Scout can choose what they want to participate in. For example, it is okay if your family schedule only allows your Scout to take two merit badges in a particular week. A Scout will be able to take up to 3 merit badges per week. Each merit badge will take approximately one hour per day. However, some Merit Badges will take longer and will be noted in the published Merit Badge schedule. For example, Communications Merit Badge will take approximately two hours per week.

Q: Will there be opportunities for both new Scouts and older Scouts?

A: Absolutely! The exact schedule is still in development. It will be a good mix of badges that are targeted for newer Scouts (i.e. First Aid) and for older Scouts (i.e. Communicaitons). In addition, we will have rank advancement opportunities (Tenderfoot/ 2nd Class/ 1st Class) similar first year camper programs. There will also be exciting adventure type activities that all Scouts will be interested in.

Q: Will this be all online?

A: While there are no in-person sessions, Merit Badges will be a combination of online, in your backyard, and in your neighborhood (i.e. head down to  a nearby pond; go on a hike at your nearest park or in the neighborhood with your family, etc.) all facilitated on a dedicated online platform in small groups by RacDeever staff. We understand that Scouts and families have been working diligently on school E-Learning over the last several weeks, and we will be keeping that in mind with the development of this program.

Q: Is there a capacity? 

A: Yes, there is a per week program capacity. However, each small group merit badge session or activity will be facilitated in a small group format (think small groups of 10-15).  

Q: Has planning already started?

A: Yes, planning has started! Our group of camp staff, who are facilitating this program are developing of the program in earnest, so that they are ready for you and your Scout during the first session (July 6-10).

Q: Who is leading and facilitating this program?

A: A smaller group of Racdeever Camp Staff will be facilitating this program. This group has over 160 years of summer camp experience and several are year-round educators. 

Q: How do I pick the week for my Scout's Back-for-More/2nd Week?

A: You will need to make a separate/2nd registration under the particular week you would like your Scout to attend for their second week. If you have already added an Back-for_More Week to your initial registration, we can move that to the week you would like to attend. Just let us know.

Session Dates & Cost


July 6 - 10, 2020

July 13 - 17, 2020

July 20 - 24, 2020

July 27 - 31, 2020

August 3 - 7, 2020

August 10 - 14, 2020



Per Week

$100 / Scout

Encore Week / 2nd Week

$95 / Scout



1. Cost Includes: patch, instruction and course materials distributed through a digital platform

2. For some merit badges, limited additional supplies or resources may be necessary or recommended

3. Fee includes access to a curated online platform with programs delivered by our camp staff. Your Scout will have access to numerous Merit Badges / Rank Advancement and other guided Adventures throughout the week. 

We look forward to seeing you and your Scout this summer!


When & Where
RacDeever Session 1
Zoom Conference Rooms
Monday 07-06-2020 8:30 AM ET to
Friday 07-10-2020 6:00 PM ET Past
More Information

RacDeever Session 2
Zoom Conference Rooms
Monday 07-13-2020 8:30 AM ET to
Friday 07-17-2020 6:00 PM ET Past
More Information

RacDeever Session 3
Zoom Conference Rooms
Monday 07-20-2020 8:30 AM ET to
Friday 07-24-2020 6:00 PM ET Past
More Information

RacDeever Session 4
Zoom Conference Rooms
Monday 07-27-2020 8:30 AM ET to
Friday 07-31-2020 6:00 PM ET Past
More Information

RacDeever Session 5
Zoom Conference Rooms
Monday 08-03-2020 8:30 AM ET to
Friday 08-07-2020 6:00 PM ET Past
More Information

RacDeever Session 6
Zoom Conference Rooms
Monday 08-10-2020 8:30 AM ET to
Friday 08-14-2020 6:00 PM ET Past
More Information