Five Rivers Council - Camp Gorton 2024 Scouts BSA Resident Camp

Starting A Registration
How to start a new registration.
My Account - Part 1
My Account Basics
My Account - Part 2
Importing, Managing, and Using a Personal Roster
Parent Portal - Parents Guide
How parents can update registrations.

Units must maintain the minimum two-deep leadership at all times and all leaders MUST both Registered Leaders and be YPT certified. Each unit must have at least two adult leaders age 21 or over. 

You are STRONGLY encouraged to use the Account Log-In and not register as a guest.

Log-In gives you the following:

  • Access to the account (registration), even when you can't find the reciept
  • Fill in the attendees names automatically by selecting off of the Unit Roster
  • Historical record of past attendees
  • Access to all of the reports available from the previous events (like advancement reports)
  • The Council will upload all advancement to Scoutbook for you (FRC Units Only)

You are STRONGLY encouraged to create a registration for ONLY YOUR UNIT. Do NOT combine B & G or put Scouts from other Units.

  • Seperate registrations ensures proper gender separtion
  • Seperate registrations ensures proper leadership
  • Ensurse advancements uploads work
  • Ensures proper billing
  • Ensures Camperships are applied to the correct Scout
  • Ensures the UNIT recieves credit for attending Summer Camp

If you are going as guest with another Unit, you are STRONGLY encourgaged to register as Provisional and list the Host Unit in the box provided.

Prices subject to change

Camp Gorton 2024 Scouts BSA Resident Camp
July 14, 2024 1:00 PM: Session 1
Camp Gorton

Scouts BSA Youth
95 Remaining
Cost: $550.00
Adult Participant
135 Remaining
Cost: $190.00
Split Leadership Adult
135 Remaining
Cost: $0.00
Provisional Youth
95 Remaining
Cost: $550.00More Information
New Scout (including Crossover)
95 Remaining
Cost: $550.00
3 Weeks of Camp
95 Remaining
Cost: $1500.00

Youth Remaining

Overall Remaining

Registration Closes: Mon 07-01-2024 11:59 PM.Mon 05-27-2024 11:59 PM (Scouts BSA Youth early discount ends)
Mon 05-27-2024 11:59 PM (Provisional Youth early discount ends)
Thu 06-13-2024 11:59 PM (New Scout (including Crossover) late fee begins)