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Sustainability Merit Badge

Event Details

Baden-Powell Council presents:

Sustainability Merit Badge

the third of three Merit Badges in its STEM Series in partnership with Museum of the Earth!!



When: Tuesday, December 7, 2021 6:00-8:00 pm (First Session)

          Tuesday January 11, 2022 6:00-7:30 pm (Second Session, see below)

Class times are Eastern Standard Time

Cost: $37

The Sustainability Program will introduce the concept of environmental sustainability and will lead the Scouts through a series of activities that will deepen their knowledge of sustainability concepts. Participants will explore concepts such as individual and community actions, energy sources and use, climate change and carbon emissions, and biodiversity. The Museum of the Earth has a new, permanent exhibit on climate change and energy, and the program will include exploration of the online version of the exhibit.  Activities in this program will include those that can be done offline wherever a Boy Scout is located, as well as online through exploration of interactive tools and maps.


We are asking parents and Scout Leaders to help us by agreeing to lead small breakout room Groups for discussion as part of this program for the First Session.  (Second Session will be the entire group.  If willing to help, please email


Pre-requisites: This badge is involved and will require a 1-month water usage monitoring at home (Requirement 2- Water- A) The following requirements will need to be done outside of the First Class time for the reasons listed next to the requirement. During the Second session, Scouts will be asked to share proof of these requirements and what they did to fulfill these requirements.

Requirement                   Reason                                                                                                                 

Req. 2- Water- A             Must be done with your family/at home for 1 month      

Req 2- Water-B               Each house will be different                                                                                     

Req. 2- Community- B     This must be done outside of both class times                                                         

Req. 2-Community- C      This must be done outside both class times                                                             

Req. 2 Energy- B or C     Must be done with your family/at home for 1 month      

Req. 2- Stuff- A               Must be done with your family/at home for 2 weeks        

Req. 2- Stuff B or C         Must be done with your family/at home.                                                                   

Req. 3 A and B               These will be covered during Second Session                                                             

Req. 5 A                         This must be done after completing Requirements 1-4.                                                

Req. 5 B                         This can be done during the Second Session                                                          

The Sustainability Merit Badge Workbook is available as an attachment to the right for those Scouts that wish to use it. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When & Where
First Session - December 7, 2021
Tuesday 12-07-2021 6:00 PM ET to 8:00 PM ET
More Information

Second Session - January 11, 2022
Tuesday 01-11-2022 6:00 PM ET to 7:30 PM ET
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