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Virtual Geology Merit Badge

Event Details

Baden-Powell Council presents:

Geology Merit Badge

the second of three Merit Badges in its STEM Series in partnership with Museum of the Earth!!


When: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 6:00-8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

Cost: $37

Scouts will be able to complete over 80% of this badge with Geology Experts from the Museum of the Earth!!

The Geology Program will be an interactive two-hour virtual program from the Museum of the Earth focusing on New York State geology. During the program, scouts will be able to explore geology from its historic roots and learn how to “read” their surroundings.  It will consist of a Museum educator leading a general presentation, showing 3D scans, exploring a Geologic map, and assisting scouts to discover how a geologist can make a living. There will also be a chance for scouts to participate in small groups during breakout rooms and present their discovery for the entire group. There will be challenges to move by finding items in their house or immediate area that are made of minerals or rocks. This program though virtual will bring the imagery of the Museum and help scouts to discover the geology of their immediate area.

We are asking parents and Scout Leaders to help us by agreeing to lead small breakout room Groups for discussion as part of this program.  If willing to help, please email

Pre-requisites: (Requirements not able to be completed during the online class) Please note that Scouts may choose whichever option they want for Requirement 5.   However almost all of Requirement 5 Option D will be covered as part of the online class.  While other parts of other options will be covered as part of the class, we’ve only listed the part of Option 5d that will not be covered during the class.  The part of Requirement 5 d that will not be covered as part of the online class is Section 5d-5- Collecting 10 different fossil plants or animals.

Upon successful completion of the above Pre-requisites and attendance at the class the Geology Merit Badge will have been completed.

For the pre-requisites- Following the class, proof of the requirements (pictures, documents, etc) can be emailed to  This can be done up through December 8, 2021.  Electronic Blue Cards will be available through the 247Scouting Black Pug System after December 8, 2021.

The Geology Merit Badge Worksheets are available to the right for Scouts that choose to use them. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When & Where
Tuesday 11-30-2021 6:00 PM ET to 8:00 PM ET
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