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A Knight's Quest

Event Details

Cub Scout Resident Camp Weekend at Camp Barton on August 13th

A Knights Quest Cub Scout Resident Camp
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the Cub Scout resident camp being held?
The camp is August 13, 2022 at Camp Barton. Check-in will likely begin at about 9:00 AM and the program will run all day.

What does the camp cost?
Camp will cost $35 for both Cub Scouts and adults. This covers the cost of meals, a bit of
program supplies, insurance, and a few other fixed costs (copying, phone, postage, and the like).

Scouts will have the opportunity to camp as a unit or a family on Friday and Saturday Night.

Who is eligible to attend?
All Cub Scouts except newly recruited Lion Cubs and current second-year Webelos can attend.
Current Lions will graduate into Tiger Cubs at the end of the school year, and are therefore eligible, but
those Lions you recruit this spring (nominally at the end of school) are not eligible (that is a national
policy). Current second-year Webelos are not eligible; they will have graduated into Scouts BSA by
then, and should be attending Scout camp with their Troops.

What was that theme thing about?
Our theme for the camp is A Knights Quest. The story about Sir Hugh Barton is one I made up
in order to have a back-story. That helps establish what we’re doing (Cub Scouts pretending to be
knights, solving the mystery of the injured seneschal at Castle Frontenac), and what kinds of things
we’ll be doing (searching for clues as we participate in camp-type activities like archery, nature, and
handicrafts). Hopefully, the Cub Scouts will be interested in playing knights for a few days, and the
parents will want to know about fees, sleeping accommodations, and the like.

What’s the next step?
In a week or two, you will receive an email from the Camp Barton Staff Alumni Association
(CBSAA) with details about how to register for the camp. Because that notice is going out council-wide,
I sent you a heads-up a few days in advance, so that you can begin talking up the program. We’ll have
room for 50-60 Cub Scouts in camp, with 20-30 parents and 15-20 staff. Because we have an allvolunteer
staff, our costs are significantly lower than attending a camp with a paid staff, so we expect
our spots to fill quickly. It’s been three years since we had a Cub Scout resident camp at Camp Barton,
so we’ve kept the fees low to encourage attendance. I’d like to have all of our Taughannock District
Packs represented in camp this year, so don’t wait too long to get registered once the information
comes out.
We thought about going to go to Cub Scout Resident Camp at Camp Tuscarora. Should we come to
Barton instead?
The Camp Tuscarora Cub Scout resident camp is excellent. If you were already planning on
going there, or if the dates for that camp work better for you (July 1-3 and July 7-9 are 3-day programs,
and July 5-9 is a week-long program), then by all means go to Camp Tuscarora. If Tuscarora’s dates
don’t work for you, or you had no other plans, then I hope you consider coming to Camp Barton for A
Knights Quest.

When & Where
Camp Barton
Saturday 08-13-2022 9:00 AM ET to 6:00 PM ET
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