Patriots' Path Council - 2022 Florida Sea Base 904938 or 900938

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This registration is for Patriots' Path Council's trip to Florida Sea Base August 14-21, 2022. The contingent will leave a day earlier on August 13 to tour Florida.

The group will live onboard a sailing vessel, snorkel, and sail the waters surrounding the Florida Keys.

Participants must be 14 years of age, or 13 years old and have completed eighth grade, prior to arrival at Sea Base.

The trip will cost approximately $2,000, which is subject to a final payment to cover additional transportation costs. 

Upon registration, a $500 deposit is required to secure the spot. Initial deposit can be made directly online, by check mailed to the council service center, or by visiting one of the Scout shops. Completion of the online registration is required regardless of payment method. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

There is an additional 3% charge for all credit card payments, which is the council's cost. The 3% credit card processing fee is the same regardless of paying directly online or through the council office and Scout shops. Payments by cash or check will not incur a 3% processing fee.

Subsequent payments are due per the payment schedule below - either online or directly to Patriots' Path Council:

$500 on or before 12/15/2021
$500 on or before 3/15/2022
$500 on or before 5/15/2022
​$TBD on or before 7/15/2022 (additional payment if needed due to fuel cost or other factors)

Trip Insurance:

Patriots’ Path Council does not provide trip insurance for its Florida Sea Base participants as it is less expensive for individuals to purchase trip insurance for themselves than it is for the council to purchase a group policy. The council strongly recommends that each family consider purchasing trip insurance that may best meet their needs.

Cancellation Policy:

For all High Adventure programs offered by the Patriots’ Path Council, BSA, a great deal of planning and purchasing takes place well in advance.  This includes plane and bus transportation, lodging, program activities, meal plans, brochures, etc. When an individual cancels his or her reservation prior to departure, he or she risks losing some, if not all, of his or her balance paid to date.

As stated on the application, $100 of the initial fee is non-refundable. Only those monies that have not been committed to any of the program expenses can be refunded. The committee chair and the staff advisor who oversees that committee will determine the amount of the refund, if any.  It is possible that airline tickets may be obtained for personal use. It is the responsibility of the participant to contact our travel agent to make this arrangement.


​Registration fees for High Adventure programs, such as Philmont or Florida Sea Base, include an estimated sum for transportation costs for plane and bus fees. These fees are subject to significant fluctuation beyond the control of Patriots’ Path Council and fees charged are based on a best estimate of projected cost. To the extent that Patriots’ Path Council is able to achieve actual transportation costs significantly lower than budgeted, participants may receive a refund of a portion of their registration fees. The refund of registration fees due to transportation cost savings, and the amount thereof, will be determined by the Finance Management Committee. Other than for transportation costs as set forth herein, Patriots’ Path Council will not refund registration fees to participants of any High Adventure program based upon favorable variance from the event or program’s budget.

In the event that a program or activity is canceled by Patriots’ Path Council for any reason, the refund of registration fees will be determined by the Finance Management Committee, considering program expenses already incurred, the overall budget for the event or program, the reason for the cancellation, and the financial ability of the council to make any refund.

2022 Florida Sea Base 904938 or 900938
August 13, 2022 12:00 AM: Florida Sea Base

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Cost: $2000.00
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(waitlist available)
Cost: $2000.00

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Registration Closes: Sun 05-15-2022 11:59 PM.