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OA Dues 2023

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In order to support the administration and operation of the Lodge administration and operation, all members are required to pay membership fees annually to remain as active members. Lodge membership fees pay for annual re-chartering fees with the Order of the Arrow National Office and are used to accurately account for Lodge membership with National.

Most Lodge events, unless specifically designated as a fund raising event, are priced to break even and not make a profit. It is therefore important for members to remain current with their dues to support the Lodge operations.

In order to remain an active member of the Lodge, you must pay your yearly dues. Additionally, you must also hold a current valid registration with the Northern New Jersey Council, BSA.  Current registration with the BSA is checked annually by the Lodge.

Only active members may attend and participate in Lodge events unless the event (e.g. the annual Lodge Banquet) is specifically open to guests. According to official BSA Insignia guidelines, only active paid members are entitled to wear a Lenapehoking Lodge IX flap on their uniform.  Sashes and universal arrow pins may be worn on appropriate occasions regardless of active status. Additionally, most Lodge communications are limited to active members.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are currently $20 per year.  This amount is set by the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) consisting of all elected Lodge Officers and Chapter Chiefs, appointed Lodge committee chairs, and their advisers.  Only youth (under 18) and young adult (18-20) members of the LEC may vote.

The Lodge is now collecting membership fees for 2023. The Lodge does not send out bills for the payment of membership fees outside of a general E-mail announcement to the Lodge, but periodic E-mail reminders may be sent to those who have not paid in a timely manner.

Payment of membership fees through the unit for all active members of that unit is encouraged.  If you wish to pay as a unit, please contact us at for assistance.

For all others, online payment of membership fees using the "continue" button below is preferred if they are not paid through your unit.  Online payments can be made with PayPal, credit cards, or electronic debits to checking and savings accounts.

Please note:

If you are 18 or over the date of your most recent youth protection training (YPT01) is required and must be within two years of any event you attend.  Youth protection dates will be validated with national records. 
If you are delinquent in payment of membership fees the Lodge does not currently require any "make-up" payments.  You need only pay the current years membership fee to restore your status to active.  If out of some sense of obligation to the Lodge you wish to make up delinquent payments please contact to make arrangements.

Thank you in advance for maintaining your active membership in Order of the Arrow Lodge Lenapehoking IX!

When & Where
OA Dues 2023

Monday 11-07-2022 12:00 AM ET to
Thursday 10-12-2023 11:59 PM ET
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