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Max Trek size is 11 people. Please note that there are multiple wilderness areas you can trek into from Floodwood. There are different group size restrictions depending on where you trek.  None of the routes within the multiple management areas in the Floodwood region allow for camping of more than 12 people (excluding two group campsites on Lower and Middle Saranac Lakes). This number includes the embedded Floodwood Voyageur.. Some management areas have smaller maximum sizes. Our registration system will not allow a trek larger than 11. When it comes time to select your trek itinerary you will need to take your trek, or treks, size into account. The leaders guide will provide the information on the group size for the various itineraries you can choose from. Regardless of your group size within the stated 11 per trek max we will be able to help you find a great route! 

Floodwood Mountain Reservation
July 21, 2024 9:00 AM: Week 3
Floodwood Mountain Reservation

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Scouts BSA Youth
Cost: $635.00
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Cost: $635.00
Provisional Youth
Cost: $660.00
Adult Provo
Cost: $660.00

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