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2022 New Scout Membership

Event Details

Welcome to the Mid-America Council Application to Join Scouting!

This registration page is to sign up for our special Membership Package.  Included with your registration are:

- National BSA Membership Fees
- Local Council Program Support Fee
- Scout Handbook^
- Monthly Scout Life Magazine
Please note that there may be additional unit fees.  Please check with your unit leader about any additional costs.  There are two options for our Membership Package:

A) Monthly Subscription Option
Sign-up Month Due at registration Monthly Payment*
Jan - Jul $15 $15 (plus any Unit Dues if applicable)
Aug - Dec $50 $15 (plus any Unit Dues if applicable)

With the Monthly Subscription Option, monthly charges will continue until the family opts out with a 30 day notice.

B) Upfront Payment Option
Sign-up Month Due at registration*
Jan - Mar $140 (plus any Unit Dues if applicable)
Apr - Jul $115 (plus any Unit Dues if applicable)
Aug - Oct $90 (plus any Unit Dues if applicable)
Nov - Dec $65 (plus any Unit Dues if applicable)

With the Upfront Payment Option, the above fees cover the 2022 calendar year.  There will be 2023 fees due in Nov/Dec of $147 plus any Unit Dues (if applicable).

* Unit dues (if any) will not be paid at time of registration.  Please see your unit leader to find out how much (if any) unit dues are.  Most units will provide fundraising oppurtunities to help offset costs and thus most unit dues are either none or small amounts.
^  The Scout handbook is one time only upon joining.  Future Scout handbooks are not included

Our program grade levels are listed below along with an informational video on how Scouting is structured. We look forward to having your youth particpate in Scouting! You can find more activity and event information at www.mac-bsa.org.
Scouting Program Opportunties
Program Grade Level
Lions Kindergarten
Tigers First Grade
Wolves Second Grade
Bears Third Grade
Webelos Fourth Grade
Arrow of Light Fifth Grade
Scouts, BSA 11-18 years of age




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