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Camp Cedars 2022

Event Details

Camp Cedars 2022


Thank you for choosing to make a reservation at Camp Cedars during the 2022 summer camp season.  We look forward to providing a quality program experience for your troop's Scouts and adult leaders.

Prior to January 1, 2022, troops may place a reservation with a deposit to hold their spot in their week of choice and by entering their estimated number of youth and adult attendees.  Space is limited by week.  A troop's reservation is not secured until a reservation deposit has been received.

2022 Camp Fees:

  • youth:  $345 per Scout or $315 per Scout if paid in full by May 4, 2022
    ($100 deposit to enter programs that open in March)
  • adults:  $100 per weekly adult, $24 per daily adult

The Unit understands and agrees that:

  1. Acceptance of your deposit secures your choice of sessions at camp for the number of Scouts and adults indicated. You need to advise the Mid-America Council of changes to these numbers as soon as you are aware of any.
  2. The reservation deposit is NOT refundable or transferable if the unit fails to attend camp. It is applied toward the fees for Scouts and leaders who come to camp.
  3. FREE t-shirts will be provided to all Scouts who are paid in full by May 4, 2022.  T-shirts will be provided to all Scouts who qualify for free t-shirts and any additional ordered by May 4.  Additional t-shirts will be available for purchase at the camp trading post.
  4. Two qualified adults, one of whom is at least 21 years of age and a second leader at least 18 years of age, will be in attendance with each unit at all times during the entire period that the unit is in camp.  If less than two adults will be present in camp, the Scouts will be considered provisional campers and matched up with a qualified host troop.
  5. While it is possible to request sharing a campsite with a specific unit, both units must so request and make their reservations at the same time. This does not absolve each unit of their responsibility to provide two-deep leadership. Both units must submit a reservation and a reservation deposit.
  6. While every attempt will be made to honor a unit's campsite preferences, the camp administration reserves the right to change a unit's campsite assignment prior to arrival at camp. Campsite changes may occur when necessary to ensure that every unit has an adequate number of tents and the best possible camping experience. Two or more units may be assigned to the same campsite.  Camp Cedars will do everything possible to ensure that any changes are communicated prior to the troop's arrival.
  7. For this reservation you must select your campsite preference based on available slots.
    • The following campsites (with capacity) have wooden platforms & canvas tents: Seline (44), O'Dell (44), Rock (44), Four Eagles (46), Butterfield (42), Doc R (46), Mandan (48), Gratton (46), Haddix (46), Boyer (48), Hayes (48), Miller (24), Berek (48), and Three Feathers (22).  Armstrong McDonald (14) is also available with handicap accessible platforms and tents.
    •  Units provide their own tents in the following campsites (with capacity): Strom (50) and Getzschman-Heckman (50).
  8. The contact information to be provided must be the primary person in the unit who should receive Camp Cedars information and communications.  Frequently, camp updates and announcements will be sent to the email addresses provided of all attendees and registration contacts.
When & Where
Week 1
Camp Cedars
Sunday 06-12-2022 2:00 PM CT to
Saturday 06-18-2022 10:00 AM CT Past
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Week 2
Camp Cedars
Sunday 06-19-2022 2:00 PM CT to
Saturday 06-25-2022 10:00 AM CT Past
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Week 3
Camp Cedars
Sunday 06-26-2022 2:00 PM CT to
Saturday 07-02-2022 10:00 AM CT Past
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Week 4
Camp Cedars
Sunday 07-10-2022 2:00 PM CT to
Saturday 07-16-2022 10:00 AM CT Past
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Week 5
Camp Cedars
Sunday 07-17-2022 2:00 PM CT to
Saturday 07-23-2022 10:00 AM CT Past
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