Cornhusker Council - SV Spring Camporee

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SV Spring Camporee

Event Details

April 28-29-30 @ The Cornhusker Council Outdoor Education Center

Mission Brief
To: Secret Agent
From: The Director
Operation: The World or Nothing
Briefing: Due to strange activity over Russian air space the CIA has selected you because of your specialist skills. Our intel has suggested that some of our operatives have gone dark behind enemy lines. 
Your mission is to find your way through enemy lines and confirm the status of the operatives. You will have to use all your skills to find key information that will help our operatives and the world.
Please review all specific mission details attached as they are key to the success of this mission.  
Good Luck and God speed.
-    The Director

The 2023 Spring Camporee is a collaborative effort from Venture Crews 21, 25, 2, and 508. It is loosely based on the ‘Mission Impossible’ show from the 1960’s set during the Cold War in May of 1967. So be prepared for a lot of fun with disguises, clues, and secret codes. All materials and videos hold vital information to help you on your mission. Be on the lookout as more hints may come your way. Come prepared for a fun-filled weekend.
If your troop would like assistance in preparing for your mission please contact Samuel S. Roger @ or Robert Cuevas @ to schedule a crew visit.


When & Where
OEC (Outdoor Education Center)
Friday 04-28-2023 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 04-30-2023 10:00 AM CT Past
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