Cornhusker Council - Salt Valley District Pinewood Derby

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Salt Valley District Pinewood Derby

Event Details

RACE and SHOW RESULTS:  full results available for download below.

Congratulations to all the participants for making it to the District Level!

Stay tuned for information about the Council Level Race still in process of Development.

Place Avg Time
Avg Speed
(MPH) Last Name First Name Car# Unit Rank
1 3.3268 245.93 S. Corbin 635 Pack 56 Arrow of Light
2 3.3330 245.48 R. Max 637 Pack 56 Arrow of Light
3 3.3365 245.22 W. Oliver 310 Pack 59 Wolf
4 3.3562 243.78 H. Brigham 320 Pack 22 Wolf
5 3.3573 243.70 W. Blake 417 Pack 20 Bear
6 3.3679 242.93 N. Judson 416 Pack 32 Bear
7 3.3758 242.36 S. Soren 519 Pack 61 Webelos
8 3.3782 242.20 W. Dane 505 Pack 8 Webelos
9 3.3797 242.09 G. Preston 520 Pack 56 Webelos
10 3.3828 241.86 H. Cash 549 Troop 45 Webelos


Show Car Division Results

Trophy Winners

Best of Show Overall – Hudson T., Pack 20 (Semi-truck “Optimus Prime” character from Transformer movies).  Voted on by Cub Scouts.

Best Scouting Design – Walter P., Pack 1 (Cub Scout rank emblems burned into wood).  Selected by celebrity judges.

Best Patriotic Design – Braden G., Pack 1 (U.S. Flag).  Selected by celebrity judges.

Best Commercial Vehicle Design – Tristan D., Pack 93 (Red and black Dodge Challenger Demon car).  Selected by celebrity judges.

Best Fantasy – William G., Pack 1 (Dragon).  Selected by celebrity judges.


Medallion Winners

Best of Show By Rank  (voted on by the Cub Scouts of that rank)

Lion  –  Gunner S., Pack 20  (“Creeper” character from the Minecraft game).

Tiger  –  Andrew W., Pack 64  (Lego car).

Wolf  –  Hudson T., Pack 20  (Semi-truck “Optimus Prime” character from Transformer movies).

Bear  –  Parker S., Pack 93  (Nintendo Switch).

Webelos I  –  Parker F., Pack 25  (Green Lamborghini car).

Arrow of Light Webelos  –  Jacob O., Pack 20  (“Bullet Bill” character from Mario Kart video game).


The Race will go on regardless of the weather.  Please exercise safe judgment when attending. 

Scouts must be registered for either Race or Show.  They cannot be registered for both!

Salt Valley District Pinewood Derby 2019
When: Saturday, February 23, 2019
Where: St. Mark's United Methodist Church -- Family Life Center, 8550 Pioneers
What Time: Racers Grand Entrance at 9:00 a.m.
Mandatory Check-in: Friday, February 22rd, 6:00 - 8:30 pm

  • St. Mark's United Methodist Church - Family Life center, 8550 Pioneers Blvd. (Send your car with a friend if unable to attend)

Price for Race and Show is $9.00/ LATE FEE BEGINS 2/16/2019 12:00am and will change to $13.00. 

When & Where
St. Marks Church
Saturday 02-23-2019 8:45 AM CT to 4:00 PM CT Past
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