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Ushering is BACK!!!

Register now for the Scout Ushering Service!!!  You only need to register for one of the games.  Once you are in the registration, you will be asked which games you will not be able to attend.    

Football season will be here soon!

It's time to start thinking about Husker Football again, and with the new additions in East Stadium and expected crowds, we need MORE USHERS!!!  If you are interested in ushering at the Home football games, all you have to do is get signed up on-line.  

Register now for the Scout Ushering Service!!!

11 and 12 year old Scouts who have not yet earned the First Class rank can sign up to be Ushers, provided a parent/guardian ushers with them. First Class Scouts and Venturers or Scouts aged 13 and up may usher without a parent/guardian. Any registered BSA Adult may usher.  Every Usher does have to wear a Complete Boy Scout Uniform (shirt, pants/shorts, belt, and socks) in order to be admitted to the stadium. Adults in uniform are encouraged and needed to usher, this is not only for our youth.

Here are the requirements in order to usher*
1. Be at least 12 years old*
2. Be a First Class Scout*
3. Wear a Complete Scout BSA Uniform (shirt, pants/shorts, belt and socks)
4. Arrive at least TWO hours before kick off

5.  Be registered with the BSA (including current YPT)

* 11- and 12 year-old Scouts can sign up WITH A PARENT/GUARDIAN

ALL personnel will be checking in at Gate 17. During check in you will show a photo ID (if youth have school ID, please bring) which will check you off of a list that has been provided and you will be given a wristband. You have to register to usher on the council website, if you do not register, you will NOT be able to participate as an usher!!!

 You will HAVE to have a wristband in order to gain access to the stadium.

Please plan accordingly in your arrival times to the stadium to ensure you are still in your position for ushering at least 2 hours prior to kickoff.

When & Where
Nebraska VS.Fordham
UNL Memorial Stadium
Saturday 09-04-2021 9:00 AM CT to 3:00 PM CT Past
More Information

Nebraska VS. Buffalo
UNL Memorial Stadium
Saturday 09-11-2021 12:30 PM CT to 4:30 PM CT Past
More Information

Nebraska VS. Northwestern
UNL Memorial Stadium
Saturday 10-02-2021 2:00 PM CT to 8:30 PM CT Past
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Nebraska Vs. Michigan
UNL Memorial Stadium
Saturday 10-09-2021 9:00 AM CT to 2:00 PM CT Past
More Information

Nebraska VS. Purdue
UNL Memorial Stadium
Saturday 10-30-2021 12:00 AM CT to 11:00 PM CT Past
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Nebraska VS. Ohio
UNL Memorial Stadium
Saturday 11-06-2021 12:00 AM CT to 11:00 PM CT Past
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Nebraska VS Iowa
UNL Memorial Stadium
Friday 11-26-2021 10:30 AM CT to 5:00 PM CT Past
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