Montana Council - 2022 NRA Training

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2022 NRA Training

Event Details

The purpose of the BSA Sports Shooting Program is to introduce youth to shooting. The BSA shooting programs are based on age appropriateness and safety with the goal of developing a positive shooting experience for each youth (BSA National Shooting Sports Manual).


When: August 6 -7, 2022 and Aug 13-14, 2022 (Lodging is available for an additional fee for both weekends)
Where: Grizzly Base, Big Fork, MT (Lodging, Meals, Classrom Portion) *Actual Rifle Shooting will take place at a Private Shooting Range in Big Fork*
Cost:  $50 plus NRA Fees listed below (includes Breakfasts and Lunches; Dinner and Overnight additional $5 per night)


Registrants must attend both weekends to become a BSA Qualified NRA Rifle Instructor

Course Fees (To be paid to NRA Instructors at the start of each course)

BIT Training - $65 (average cost $125)
Basic Rifle Course - $65 (average cost $175)
Instructor Rifle Course - $70 (average cost $225)
Range Safety Officer Course - $45 (average cost $125)

By completing the BIT, Basic Rifle and Instructor Rifle Training; those individuals are qualified to run a shooting range at District and Council Level Events, as opposed to waiting until summer camp. It also is a prerequisit to become a Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Counselor, which are severely lacking and usually only available at summer camps. The Range Safety Officer Course is required for the Sports Shooting program as well. Every range must have a separate Instructor and RSO in order to legally, safely and successfully conduct firearms training.

To become a Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Counselor, please fill out this application:

*NOTE* If you are not already a merit badge counselor, please fill out this BSA Adult application in addition to the Merit Badge Counselor Application:

Training Courses

The required courses to become a qualified rifle instructor are:

  • Basic Instructor Training (BIT) - $65 - Saturday August 6th:- This course teaches you the policies and procedures for becoming an NRA instructor as well as effective teaching methods for training students. Basic Instructor Training is a pre-requisite for all instructor level courses. This course is 6 hours in length. 
  • NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course - $65 - Sunday August 7th: This course teaches the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for the safe use of a pistol, rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader in target shooting. This course is 8 hours long and includes classroom and range time to learning the specific firearm discipline. It is a pre-requisite for the Instructor Shooting Course. Those who have taken the NRA Instructor Shooting Course can conduct this training. This course replicates what is taught on the ranges for BSA Sports Shooting Events and Merit Badge requirements. 
  • NRA Instructor Rifle Shooting Course - $70 - Saturday August 13th: During the course candidates will learn NRA policies and procedures; basic public speaking skills; training methodology; use of a training team and training aids; organizing a course, building a budget; and finally preparing to teach. In addition, candidates will be provided the appropriate lesson plans and basic course student packets. Role-playing is a major part of an instructor course. The NRA Basic Shooting Course is a pre-requisite for this training. This is an 8-hour course of instruction. Only an NRA Training Counselor can teach the Instructor Shooting Course. This course is required to run ranges as the Firearms Instructor and a Merit Badge Counselor in the BSA. This training also allows you to train instructors for BB Guns at the Cub Scout level.

Optional Course Offered:

  • NRA Range Safety Officers Course (Opportunity Training) - $45 - Sunday August 14th: The RSO course content consists of RSO's roles and responsibilities, range standard operating procedures, range inspection and range rules, firearm stoppages and malfunctions, and Range Safety Briefings, which include procedures to follow in the case of an emergency.  An RSO is required on any shooting range, in addition to the instructor. This is an 8-hour course and taught by a Chief Range Safety Officer.

Firearms Requirements
The shooting portion of the course will be at an approved private shooting range near Grizzly Base. Basic .22 rifles will be provided for use, registrants are welcome to bring a privately owned .22. Participants will be required to have 200 rounds of ammunition that will cover both the Basic Course and the Instructor Course. Hearing and Eye Protection are required as well.

Classroom instruction will be in the main lodge. There will be heat or a/c as needed, restroom facilities and a kitchen for preparing meals. If you are overnighting, there are cabins and showers available for use.

At a later date a menu will be prepared with allergy considerations, food will be purchased and the shooting class will enjoy fellowship while cooking and washing dishes together. If you have food allergies, please contact Graham Hughes -

When & Where
2022 NRA Training Weekend 1
Grizzly Base Camp
Saturday 08-06-2022 8:00 AM MT to
Sunday 08-07-2022 4:30 PM MT Past
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2022 NRA Training Weekend 2
Grizzly Base Camp
Saturday 08-13-2022 8:00 AM MT to
Sunday 08-14-2022 4:30 PM MT Past
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