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Scout Chef Competition

Event Details

Scout Chef at Geiger

September 25, 2021
An Iron Chef type of competition to be held at Camp Geiger


Who: any team (2-4) of people who wish to compete

      Teams must have at least one registered scouter and one member who is not a registered scouter.

What: a cooking competition with four different categories. You may be part of multiple teams for each category or multiples within a single category.  Primitive (fire)/ Dutch Oven/ Backpack/ other

How much: only $10 for each judged entry, you may compete in any or all categories as long as category is specified upon entry. Each entry will be an additional fee.


Each team must provide their own food and cooking materials. You will be responsible for your own menu and supplies.

*You must follow food safety guidelines (temperatures, holding times, etc)
*Must provide 3-4 (small) servings to be judged
*Must follow Guide to Safe Scouting for age appropriate activities, if not you will be disqualified immediately
*Limited to Webelos and older for safety reasons. Any team of only youths must have at least one registered adult scouter present for supervision
*Must follow Camp Geiger rules.

Register online or at the door

There will be a prize for each category…


RULES and NOTICES regarding categories

 Primitive: food must be cooked using heat from charcoal or wood gathered from camp. This category may use any cooking utensil available to the cook.

 Dutch oven: food must be cooked in a cast iron Dutch Oven using charcoal, wood coals, or a propane stove as long as the stove being used is not used in another category.

 Backpack: food must be cooked using a backpacking style stove that is allowed for use by the BSA in the Guide to Safe Scouting

 Other: food can be cooked using any cooking method allowed in the Guide to Safe Scouting (camp stove,  small grill, and other methods)


 7:30 Arrive at camp

 8:00 AM Demonstration of methods and categories

10:00 AM Demonstration ends

11:00 AM Demonstration Food Available

12:00 PM (noon) Scouts and Scouters released from Camp to get supplies and ingredients.

2:00 PM Participants required to be back at camp to begin Competition.

Entries for competition may not be prepared before arrival.

Entries for competition may not be cooked prior to 2:00 PM on day of Scout Chef.

Judging to be completed as entries are finished but no later than 6:00 pm with awards to follow around 6:30-7:00  PM

Example of Judges Scoring Sheet

When & Where
Scout Chef
Camp Geiger
Saturday 09-25-2021 7:30 AM CT to 7:00 PM CT Past
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