Pony Express Council - Lewis and Clark Klondike Derby 2020

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Lewis and Clark Klondike Derby 2020

Event Details

The 2020 Lewis and Clark Klondike Derby is at Klinefelter Farm near Hiawatha on January 17, 18, and 19. 

Each troop furnishes it's own tents, food for meals, and equipment. The event will provide a patch and cracker barrel food for each participant. Water will be available (bring your own water jugs to store it in) as will firewood (however units are still encouraged to bring some of their own firewood). Latrines will be provided. It is recommended that the troop have an adequate cooking heat source, a Coleman stove works well. Remember, all policies of BSA will be followed. Adult leaders are encouraged to bring a camp chair. 

Scout Skills to be challenged for points. Top 3 patrols awarded a ribbon:

  • Outdoor first aid
  • Creek Crossing
  • Shelter Building
  • Map and Compass
  • Knots and Lashings
  • Fire Building
  • Sling Shots
  • Sled Race for Speed

After the day's stations, there will also be a cooking competition (food NOT provided by the district) for dinner for all patrols. This will be followed by a campfire/awards ceremony and crackerbarrel (food for crackerbarrel is provided by the district). 

Each patrol must have a patrol flag. 

The Klondike Derby challenge requires a patrol of not fewer than 4 Scouts and not more than 7 Scouts per patrol/expedition party. Each patrol will need to be single gender, but both female and male Scouts are invited to the Klondike. Each patrol will be competing for the top 3 overall spots including both boy and girl patrols. Each patrol will need to prepare a dog sled with all required gear for the challenges that await them.

Each expedition party will be racing against one another through various wilderness challenges and "Alaskan Camps". Each patrol leader will be handed a sealed satchel with a map and instructions. Trail designations and order of departure will be drawn by lot before the start of the race. Patrols will encounter situations along the trail which require various Scouting skills and ingenuity to overcome. Accomplishing each of these challenges will earn patrols points that will be tallied at the end of the race in order to proclaim a Klondike champion winner. 

Dog Sled Gear List:

  • Dog Sled (homemade at least 30" wide and at least 48 " long)- If there is no snow on the ground, 2 small wheels, no more than 8 inches in dameter, may be attached to the sled. Inspections will be held prior to race to ensure rules are adhered to. 
  • First Aid Kit
  • Mess Kits (one per team member)
  • 2 quarts of water, minimum, per member
  • compass
  • minimum of 50 ' of rope
  • hot lunch for all team members
  • stove for cooking or heating lunch
  • firestarters (strike anywhere matches AND flint/magnesium and steel striker AND any other allowable firestarting device your Scouts are skilled with
When & Where
Klinefelter Farm
Friday 01-17-2020 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 01-19-2020 10:30 AM CT Past
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