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Friends of Scouting Giving

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For more than 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America has had a history of helping to shape and mold the values and character of young people.  The BSA continues that tradition today.  Our comprehensive program helps strengthen youth, families, and communities by addressing the six critical elements of healthy youth development:

  • Strong personal values and character
  • Positive sense of self-worth and usefulness
  • Caring and nurturing relationships with parents, other adults and peers
  • A desire to learn
  • Productive/creative use of time
  • Social adeptness

It is our responsibility as caring adults to ensure that the young people in our area receive the opportunity to be exposed to a program that is built on values, support, nurturing, and challenges to help them meet their full potential.  Scouting has that program.  Thank you for helping us to provide this program to young people by contributing to the Friends of Scouting campaign.


$137 Family Fair Share

$250 Leadership Member

$500 Patron Member

$750 Honor Member

$1000 Guardian Member

$2500 Sponsor Member

When & Where
Friends of Scouting
Pony Express Council Service Center
Saturday 01-01-2022 12:00 AM CT to
Saturday 12-31-2022 11:59 PM CT Past
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