Central Minnesota Council - OA Winter Fellowship

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OA Winter Fellowship

Event Details

OA Winter Fellowship

March 11 - 12 , 2023

Council office

Check in at 10am 

Event Begins at 10:30am

Come join up with individuals from your troop, or friends you’ve made within the OA! Teams of 4 will be competing for the first annual Broomball tournament, bring your best game, you’ve been challenged! 

Don’t think you’ll have enough to make a team of 4, we’ve got you covered with our strongest and fastest (or maybe our next best available)!

If you’re in it to win it, perhaps sweep this year’s tournaments, then know there are more challenges in our other tournaments.

Cross Country Ski Biathlon,

Chase the race, move in your fastest manner and be able to shoot quickly! If speed isn’t your thing, then accuracy will be your best friend!

One Takes All – Best Flag Capturer Challenge

Are you up for an explosion of a challenge, perhaps you’re the fastest around!? Perhaps you’re concerned you’re not the fastest, but are you quick of wits? This challenge is everyone against everyone, no teams here, this isn’t your typical Capture the Flag, no this is a true challenge of wits and

Come with board games, movies, deck playing games.

Lunch, Dinner and a grab bag breakfast will be provided! Hot Cocoa, Root Beer, Ice Cream available

Our trading post will be open!

Bring cold weather apparel, change of clothing (gonna get sweaty), water bottle, hot cocoa mug/travel mug.

If you’d like to spend the night, bring cots, matts, sleeping bags, and a pillow. Bathrooms will be available, no showers though.


When & Where
OA Winter Fellowship
Central Minnesota Council
Saturday 03-11-2023 10:00 AM CT to
Sunday 03-12-2023 8:00 AM CT Past
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