Central Minnesota Council - Fall Camporee 2024

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Fall Camporee 2024

Event Details

Will you be able to survive the Oregon Trail?

Are you ready to put your Scout Skills to the test?  


Time to see if you can Outlast your fellow Scouts at this year's Camporee!

When registering your unit please select 2 adults from your to help run a station and email names to Holly (stations assigned at check-in)

Your Troop will face challenges along the way as they compete to cross the Oregon Trail. You will be tested and may earn rewards that will either help or hinder your progress along the way. You will test your skills through-out the weekend to see if you can make it!

Scouts BSA welcome to The Oregon Trail! Your patrol will embark on an epic adventure, following in the footsteps of the brave pioneers who journeyed westward in search of a better life, all while pulling your wagon full of goods.

You and your patrol will face a series of thrilling challenges and stations along the trail, testing your skills, teamwork, and resourcefulness. Each station will represent a vital aspect of life on the Oregon Trail - from fire building, river crossing to hunting and cooking. You’ll need to work together to overcome these challenges and make your way safely to the trail’s end.

But beware, Scouts! You may encounter unforeseen obstacles on the way and could lose your hard-earned Pioneer Tokens and supplies. You’ll need to be vigilant, resourceful, and quick on your feet to cross the trail.

You can earn, buy, and trade Pioneer Tokens throughout the day at the Trading Post. The more tokens you collect, your chances of winning the ultimate prize at the trail’s end are better. But remember, the journey will be arduous, and you’ll need to use your tokens wisely to gain advantages at each station.

Now, gather around, patrol leaders! It’s time to prepare your patrol for the adventure that lies ahead. Take a moment to discuss your strategy and plan your approach to tackling the challenges you’ll face. Remember, teamwork and communication are the keys to success on the Oregon Trail.

Are you ready to brave the Oregon Trail, Scouts? Let’s gear up and embrace the spirit of adventure that awaits us! Good luck and may the best patrol triumph! REMEMBER: You will not win if you do not spend tokens. You will only win if you spend them wisely.

Camporee for Scouts BSA Troops

September 20-22 at Parker Scout Reservation

Cost $30.00 per Youth and $5 for Adults

Cost after Sept 1 - $40.00 Youth,and $10 for Adults

Please register as a troop if you are able to!  

Units are responsible to bring all camping/cooking gear including tents and all food and food prep necessities.  

Units will be assigned a camp site per size and type of unit, some units may be sharing a campsite with other units.

Space is limited for this event

The events will be competitive and there will be prizes!!

Everyone must sign up.  When signing up, please let us know if you will be bringing a troop trailer.  

*reminder that as of Sept 1, 2023, all adults attending must be registered per new YPT policies.  


When & Where
Fall Camporee
Parker Scout Reservation
Friday 09-20-2024 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 09-22-2024 12:00 PM CT
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