Central Minnesota Council - 2020 Klondike

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2020 Klondike

Event Details


The Legend of the Yeti

2020 Klondike Derby 

Parker Scout Camp

Legend tells it that once every four years the Yeti comes out of hiding for fun and adventure and he tend to pick leap day for this special visit.  We hope to lure him out of hiding at Parker Scout Camp so come join the fun and help us find the Yeti.



First Aid Challenge

    Your patrol was seek attacked by the Yeti and you have injured members.  Be Prepared to administer First Aid and Potentially transport one member of your patrol to safety after treating their wounds.  Scouts will be judge by administering proper treatment for the wounds, speed, order of treatment and transport time from fixed points.  Scouts should have some first aid materials but some will be provided.

 Fat Tire Racing

      The Yeti loves a good race but nothing is more important                                than evading his grasp.  Scouts need to avoid the Yeti and his                       traps/obstacles and return to safety after retrieving the Yeti treasure.


 Fire Building

Nothing draws in the Yeti like a warm fire to help him thaw out from the cold.  You need to build, start and sustain a fire to warm up your Yeti friend.  Materials will be provided but some must be searched for.  No materials from your sled may be used.  This is a timed event

Blindfold race

    Sometimes seeing the Yeti can be a scary experience and it can scare the slight right out of your eyes.  Be Prepared to transport your fellow Scout with some additional challenges along the way.  Timed event.



Branding the Yeti

    The Yeti likes a special cookie and he really likes it when you decorate them for him.  You will cut up some Yeti Cookies and decorate them with branding irons.




    Throwing rocks around has always been the Yeti’s favorite sport and he really likes to have nice clean ice.  Invite the Yeti to come play an end with you and see how well you clean house.



Nothing welcomes the Yeti better than a nice pot of hot soup over the open fire.  Bring a can of soup to add to the mix and join us for lunch.  PLEASE NO CREAM SOUP.

When & Where
Parker Scout Camp
Saturday 02-29-2020 9:00 AM CT to 3:00 PM CT Past
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