Central Minnesota Council - 2019 Fall Camporee North

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2019 Fall Camporee North

Event Details

Back to the Basics!

You will be tested on your First Aid abilities, Teamwork, orienting, engineering, food preparations and much more.

Bring your your troop to Parker for a weekend of fun, excitement, camping and more!

No Camping in the Castle!  We will be camping in sites across the road.


When: Oct 4 - 6

Where: Parker Scout Camp

What: Fall Camporee for Pine Tree and North Star

Who: The Scouts of Pine Tree and North Star (bring your 2nd year Webelos)

Why: Cause it will be FUN!




Take Aim at the Gourds – youth will be on the rifle range and will have an opportunity to test their skill at “hunting for their food” by shooting gourds. This is a ribbon event.

Gourd Launch – youth will be “launching” gourds at a predetermined target – again aim and shooting strategy for the patrol is a “team” effort. This is a ribbon event.

Pumping Karving – youth will practice their carving skills but using tomahawks and not knifes. Take your time and gather your wits and share strategies with patrol members.  This is a ribbon event.

Knot Tying – did you know that two half hitches will hold a horse or a boat to a dock post? Be prepared to tie various knots and tell their uses. This is a ribbon event.

Stretcher Building – youth will need to decide what type of stretcher is needed for a given injury and then build it from what you have brought with or what you can find in the surrounding area. INGENUNITY COUNTS!! This is a ribbon event but will be combined with the relay for a combined score.

Balloon Shaving – before the days of electricity and cordless shavers, shaving was very basic – take the razor, sharpen it on the leather strap, and shave away so to speak. Youth will be shaving a balloon covered with a “lather of some type” and don’t cut yourself (popping the balloon) because points will be subtracted. Scouts BSA Girls should have fun at this because in the early days it wasn’t uncommon for them to shave their men.

Stretcher Relay – using the stretcher that the patrol built in #5 the patrol must safely transport an injured patrol member through an obstacle course – imagine the worst – fallen tree, river, snake…. This is a ribbon event. This is a ribbon event with #5.


Cook for the Parents - Too often parents only hear the stories of the meals prepared at camp this time we want you to invite them to Parker to have a dinner you prepared for them.




When & Where
Parker Scout Camp
Friday 10-04-2019 6:00 PM CT to
Sunday 10-06-2019 10:00 AM CT Past
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