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Scouts BSA "Explore the Adventure" Fall Camp-o-ree

Event Details

Scouts BSA Fall Camp-o-ree "Explore the Adventure"
Friday, September 25 - Sunday, September 27, 2020
Cedar Point AND Norseland Scout Camps
$30 per youth + cost of activity pod    $11 per adult

The last weekend of September, Scouts BSA will "Explore the Adventure" offered at the fall camp-o-ree.  This years event will look a little different but is still guaranteed to be a fun filled and productive event.  Plan to arrive by 7 p.m. on Friday night and you'll be headed home Sunday morning by 10 a.m.

For fall camp-o-ree, Scouts will be signing up for an "activity pod" vs. the entire troop signing up for the event.   Scouts will sign up for an activity pod, and be with that pod for the weekend.  Event staff will have leaders present within each pod and will be responsible for that pod's Scouts throughout the weekend.  Members of troops may sign up for the same pod together, but pods will not be interacting together over the course of the weekend.  Adult leaders (not on staff) may join an activity pod if pod capacity is under 25 individuals.  At least 1 female adult leader will be present within all pods.  Units leaders (not staff) will be placed into an adult pod on site.

Each activity pod will run assorted programming to teach Scouts about the theme of the weekend.  Some merit badge requirements may be covered in an activity pod, but this weekend isn't about completing merit badges.  It's about "Exploring the Adventure" offered in Scouting. Each activity pod has an additional cost to it based on what is being offered for activities in that pod.  Please read through the details of each activity pod noticing the location and additional cost. 

Activity Pods

  • Eagle Trail - $32 total ($30 youth fee + $2 activity pod fee)
    Norseland Scout Camp
    Maximum Pod Size is 20 Scouts

    Are you a new Scout that didn't get a chance to experience Cuyuna this summer?  Then this activity pod is for you.  Practice skills like fire building, knife skills, knot skills, earn your Firem'n Chit and Totin' Chip.  Aspects of first aid and citizenship will be included.  This is just a short list of what you'll be working on in the Eagle Trail Activity Pod.


  • Exploration - $32 total ($30 youth fee + $2 activity pod)
    Norseland Scout Camp
    Maximum Pod Size is 20 Scouts

    Dream of discovering new adventures in your own backyard?  Then look no further!  Aspects of the Exploration merit badge, along with geocaching, hiking, topography, history, and SO much more are incorporated into this activity pod.


  • Home Building - $32 total ($30 youth fee + $2 activity pod fee)
    Norseland Scout Camp
    Maximum Pod Size is 20 Scout

    Owning a home is a big responsibility.  During this activity pod you will "Explore the Adventure" of electricity, plumbing, wood working and model design and building.  Your activities will be focused on both new construction and repair work.  This pod is perfect for those interested in the construction field.


  • Motor Boating and Water Sports - $35 total ($30 youth fee + $5 activity pod fee)
    Cedar Point Scout Camp
    Maximum Pod Size is 20 Scouts

    Interested in taking your love of water even further?  This activity pod will work on pieces and parts of the two merit badges, while having fun on the water and learning about boating safety.  Evidence of current BSA Swimmer Qualification is needed to participate in this pod.  And don't forget your swimsuit, towel and life jacket.
  • Pre-requisite:  All scouts participating in this activity must be 12 years of age or older and complete the DNR Watercraft Operator's Permit course.


  • Pottery and Sculpture - $35 total ($30 youth fee + $5 activity pod fee)
    Cedar Point Scout Camp
    Maximum Pod Size is 20 Scouts

    One great thing about Scouting is that you are free to "Explore the Adventure" within the arts. Maybe you're interested in art, but don't know how to connect?  Instructors will teach you the skills needed within these two merit badges, while creating a clay masterpiece that will be fired for a permanent addition to your home. 
  • Shooting Sports - $65 total ($30 youth fee + $35 activity pod fee)
    Norseland Scout Camp
    Maximum Pod Size is 16 Scouts

    This is not your typical merit badge activity.  This activity pod is intended to give Scouts experience, practice and finish shooting skills.  Took the merit badge and didn't finish all the requirements?  This pod is for you.  Want to practice all aspects of shooting sports?  This pod is for you. Want 1:1 instruction to become stronger and more accurate as a shooter?  This pod is for you.  The higher cost for this activity pod is for access to Caribou Gun Club and all materials needed for practice with rifle and shotgun including ammo.  Please know you will have 50 shotgun rounds included with this activity pod fee.  For the go-getters an additional round of 50 can be purchased for $28 during registration.


  • Soil & Water Conservation and Fish & Wildlife Management - $32 ($30 youth fee + $2 activity pod fee).
    Cedar Point Scout Camp
    Maximum Pod Size is 20 Scouts

    Want to learn about aspects of wildlife and how to conserve the essentials of the world around us?  Maybe the occupation of a Game Warden or Environmentalist is something you'd like to "Explore"?  Aspects of these 2 merit badges will be incorporated into the weekend. 

Adult Troop Leadership (not staff)

Join the fun this weekend.  All troop leadership (non-staff) can attend this event for $11 per person.  For your $11 you will be placed in a pod with other leaders (no youth) and you will have the weekend to enjoy a cup of coffee, your lawn chair and favorite book.  We'll feed you so you can sit back and enjoy the weather without the hassle of cooking and washing dishes.  Chat with other leaders or just enjoy "Exploring the Adventure" of Scouting.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, adult leaders will not be in the activity pods with youth.  


Participants should eat before they arrive Friday night by 7 p.m.  Meals on Saturday (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and Sunday breakfast will be provided.  If Scouts want additional snacks they should bring it with to the event.

What to Bring

  • Individual Tent
  • Personal Camping Gear
  • Appropriate Clothing for the weekend including Class A and B uniforms
  • Swimsuit and towel (for those in Motor Boating and Water Sports)
  • Life Jacket (for those in Motor Boating and Water Sports)
  • Proof of BSA Swim test classification (for those in Motor Boating and Water Sports)
  • Rain Gear if needed
  • Water Bottle
  • Hat & Sun Screen
  • Bug Spray
  • Lawn Chair or Camp Stool for at campsite
  • Face Mask; recommend at least 2
  • Signed Liability Form for Covid-19
  • Signed Shooting Sports Form (only needed for Shooting Sports activity pod participants)
  • Health form Parts A & B

Important Documents
A list of important document can be found to the right.

Covid-19 Plan

All activity pods will be no larger than 25 individuals (including leadership)  Pods will be contained to their own program area for the weekend and will not co-mingle with other pods.  Scouts will tent individually in personal tents.  Food times will be staggered so that each pod will have their own scheduled meal time.  All food will be provided by staff at the event and served to participants.  Masks will be worn, and social distancing will be enacted.


Registration for this event is open soon and everyone needs to be registered by September 20, 2020.

Questions please contact Lisa Vasquez at or 262-893-3474.


When & Where

Friday 09-25-2020 6:00 PM CT to
Sunday 09-27-2020 10:00 AM CT
More Information