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Spring Camp-o-ree Scouts BSA

Event Details

Scouts BSA Spring Camp-o-Ree

"The Camp-a-lorian; It Is The Scouting Way"
Friday, April 30 - Sunday, May 2, 2021
Cedar Point AND Norseland Scout Camps
$15 per Scout and $5 per adult

After the fall of the great Empire, the "Campalorian" emerges and displays skills known only to a select few. Traveling alone through the outer edges of the galaxy relying only on the skills of those who came before, Campalorian realizes new skills must be acquired along the way.

Adventure begins Friday, April 30th, at both Cedar Point and Norseland.  Participants should arrive after supper and set up camp within their pod.  Campalorians should get to know those around them (their pod) and practice camping methods; establish a fire, maybe make a dessert or an evening snack.  But mostly, Campalorians should always "Be Prepared" for what other adventures may overtake them.  "It is the Scouting Way"

After breakfast on Saturday, Padawans will begin to learn the new skills of a Campalorian by participating in a chosen class.

The planet of Norseland, located on the northern edge of our galaxy, will offer

  • Campalorain Skills - this class is for those who have yet to travel to the outer edges of the galaxy (Scouts who have not been to summer camp).
  • Pioneering - Pandawans will develop knot and lashing skills to build something that will become part of the Norseland landscape.
  • Orienteering - Padawans will become one with the land and sharpen navigation or orienteering skills to discover long lost paths and treasures.
  • Campalorian Master (Eagle Scout) required merit badge class for Citizenship in the Nation

The planet of Cedar Point, located on the southern edge of our galaxy, will offer

  • Forestry - Padawans will learn about the trees of the forest moon on the planet of Cedar Point.
  • Leave No Trace - for those Padawans wishing to learn ways of the force and become one with nature.
  • Nuclear Science - Blue milk?  Fuel cells? Power converters?  Padawans must learn alternative science forms.
  • Animal Science - Learn more about the Porgs, Ewoks, Tauntauns, and other animals of your home galaxy.  

The afternoon will find all Campalorians providing service to the camp and following dinner, attending chapel.     "It is the Scouting Way".

Order of the Arrow Call-out

In the evening each pod/camp will provide a friendship fire with current members of the Order of the Arrow.  A call-out ceremony for those newly elected to the Order of the Arrow will also be part of the evening activities.

In the morning, following breakfast, campers will pack up and head out!

All activities throughout the weekend will be socially distanced, masked and will follow current CDC Covid guidelines.

Troops are welcome to have Scouts at both locations. Proper leadership is provided by the unit; 2 deep leadership is required.

Due to Covid rules, all food and cooking is provided by troops.  This is the perfect time to practice patrol method cooking to be used at summer camp.

Health forms Parts A & B, Covid release forms and Symptom form are all required

Questions please contact Lisa Vasquez at 262-893-3474 or



When & Where
Cedar Point location
Cedar Point Scout Camp
Friday 04-30-2021 6:00 PM CT to
Sunday 05-02-2021 10:00 AM CT
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Norseland location
Norseland Scout Camp
Friday 04-30-2021 6:00 PM CT to
Sunday 05-02-2021 10:00 AM CT
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