Michigan Crossroads Council - STEM - Nuclear Science NOVA Day - Newport

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STEM - Nuclear Science NOVA Day - Newport

Event Details

 The Michigan Crossroads Council will be holding an opportunity to go "behind the scenes" and learn operations at DTE Fermi 2. 

This unprecedented access since 9/11 will give Scouters the opportunity to work on hand on activities with highly qualified STEM professionals in the Nuclear Sciences.

Throughout the day, Scouts BSA that are 13 years of age and older will also meet requirements to earn the Nuclear Science Merit Badge and/or Splash! NOVA Award.  Lunch will be included from DTE!

Venturer Scouts are able to work on their Venturing STEM Exploration (Engineering) and earn the Wade! NOVA Award.

You will check in at the NTC (Nuclear Training Center) by 8:00 am.  DTE Staff will be joined by Merit Badge Counselors and NOVA Counselors  in an effort for Scouts BSA and Venturers to get hands on experience with achieving the above mentioned awards (limited to the first 120 Scouts BSA and Venturers.)

Scouts will be engaging in different STEM learning experiences. Multiple areas around DTE Fermi 2 will provide opportunities to explore. There is so much to do that fitting it all in in one day is next to impossible. That is why your Scout will be placed into a "patrol" at the beginning of the day.  The patrols will go through different stations so they can maximize activities that will help them earn their above mentioned awards. 

You can find worksheets and more information about NOVA activity at www.michiganscouting.org/STEM.

Adults - PLEASE READ - We would like any adult attending to chaperone that are qualified as Nuclear Science Merit Badge Counselors and/or NOVA Counselors to help out as "Staff".  Your admission to the event will be covered, lunch and patch.  If you would rather supervise a group and are trained in the EDGE method, we can use your help as well.

There will be a limited amount of adults allowed to stay at the event.  If you are planning on staying, any adults not staffing will have an opportunity to get a private tour of the NTC, lunch (provided) and attend "How to Integrate STEM within your unit" class. Limited spots for this experience will be available.  You will also be allowed to stay in the main conference room to bring your laptop and work.

Prerequisites for Scouts BSA·        

Nuclear Science Merit Badge – Requirement #1 a-d (bring notes), 2a (bring notes)

Splash! NOVA – Requirement #1, #2, #3D (bring answers) 

Prerequisites for Venturers· 

Wade! NOVA – Requirement #1, #2, #4 (bring pictures) and #5 (bring answers)

Eric Suender
Michigan Crossroads Council STEM Executive
Michigan Crossroads Council
137 S Marketplace Blvd
Lansing, Michigan 48917
Phone: 1-517-940-4210
When & Where
Scouts BSA
DTE Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant
Saturday 04-27-2019 8:00 AM ET to 4:00 PM ET Past
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Scouts BSA
DTE Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant
Saturday 04-27-2019 8:00 AM ET to 4:00 PM ET Past
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Venturing Session
DTE Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant
Saturday 04-27-2019 8:00 AM ET to 4:00 PM ET Past
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