Michigan Crossroads Council - OKPIK - Cold Weather Camping Training (Camp Rotary)

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OKPIK - Cold Weather Camping Training (Camp Rotary)

Event Details

OKPIK, which is Inuit for :"Snowy Owl," is the Cold Weather Camping Adventure program offered by the Boy Scouts of America.  OKPIK will give you the skills to go where few dare.

This two day and two night adventure develops confidence and skills in camping and living in the outdoors during extreme weather conditions. Receive training in physical preparation, cold weather dress, first aid and emergency procedures, food and water, equipment use while experiencing cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and winter shelter building. This experience is the embodiment of the Boy Scout's motto to "Be Prepared" .

OKPIK is state-of-the-art training to give leaders, (both youth and adult), confidence in taking groups into a cold environment and support a year-round camping program. Our cold weather training is appropriate only for those leaders and campers who already have basic Scouting skills and mild weather camping experience. Our training includes skills that can ensure a successful, fun and safe cold weather camping experience. These must know skills are important because cold weather camping mistakes can be serious and certainly are not something upon which to build young Scout’s experience.

OKPIK is offered in 3 different "Levels" at Camp Rotary:

Level 1: Participants learn basic winter camping skills and spend both nights indoors
Level 2: Participants put the skills learned in Level 1 into practice and spend 1 night indoors and 1 night outdoors in a shelter they build
Level 3: Participants learn advanced winter camping skills and spend both nights outdoors in a shelter they build
Veteran: Participants who have completed all 3 levels of OKPIK can come back as a Veteran, spending the whole weekend outdoors and learning how to become an OKPIK Staff member.

All OKPIK levels MUST be completed in sequential order.  Multiple levels can be taken in the same year, as long as they are done in sequential order (ex: A scout takes level 1 the first session and then takes Level 2 during the second session). The Scouts BSA and MCC Polar Bear program cannot be substituted for Level 1 certification.  

OKPIK Age Requirements:
Level 1: 
Level 2:  14+ (or have completed Level 1 at Camp Rotary)
Level 3:  14+ (or have completed Level 2 at Camp Rotary)
Veteran: 14+ & have completed all 3 Levels of OKPIK at Camp Rotary

2023 Dates - Choose one session or take one level each weekend!:
1st Session -
February 3-5, 2023
2nd Session - February 10-12, 2023


When & Where
OKPIK - Session 1
Camp Rotary
Friday 02-03-2023 5:00 PM ET to
Sunday 02-05-2023 12:00 PM ET Past
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OKPIK - Session 2
Camp Rotary
Friday 02-10-2023 5:00 PM ET to
Sunday 02-12-2023 12:00 PM ET Past
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