Michigan Crossroads Council - 2024 Mishigami Lodge - Order of the Arrow Induction Events

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Ordeal Candidates must be a member of a unit in Michigan Crossroads Council, have already been elected by their peers in their unit, and the election report that lists them must have already been submitted to the OA Lodge.

2024 Mishigami Lodge - Order of the Arrow Induction Events
October 04, 2024 6:00 PM: Fall Induction - Cole
Cole Canoe Base

Ordeal Candidate
Cost: $55.00
You must already be listed on the election report submitted to the lodge by your troop in order to register for this. Your ordeal fee covers your new OA sash, an OA handbook, a pocket flap patch, the current year's dues (but not next year's), and your future Brotherhood sash.
OA Member
Cost: $25.00
Choose this type of registration is you are an OA member and want to attend for the fellowship and service that the lodge provides to the camp. This includes those Ordeal members who are ready (it has been 6 months since your Ordeal ceremony) to seal their membership in Brotherhood and plan to attend the full weekend with all meals.
Culinary (Kitchen) Staff
If you are working in the kitchen and part of the Culinary Staff for the weekend choose this. Please contact the Area Chief or Adviser for the area running this event to get the password.
Cost: $15.00
Choose to re-live your Ordeal, including the night in the woods, and be a crew leader during the Ordeal work projects. This is an important role and we can't do an induction without at least one elangomat for every 8 ordeal candidates, and the more the better. If you already registered as an OA Member and want to change to this, please contact support@mishigami.org.
Vigil Candidate
Cost: $0.00
Use this option if you will be holding your vigil this weekend. Your guide should have the password.
Vigil Guide
Cost: $0.00
Use this option if you will be a guide for someone holding their vigil this weekend. The vigil adviser (Steve Heitmeier) should have the password.

Registration Closes: Fri 10-04-2024 11:59 PM.Wed 09-25-2024 11:59 PM (Ordeal Candidate early discount ends)
Wed 09-25-2024 11:59 PM (OA Member early discount ends)