Michigan Crossroads Council - Mishigami Ceremonies Workshop

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Mishigami Ceremonies Workshop

Event Details

Become an important part in developing Mishigami’s ceremonies program by creating and repairing regalia that will be used for years to come! The registration cost includes food, an event patch, and a leather pouch that you’ll have the opportunity to make and take home.

Throughout the weekend, we will be primarily focusing on taking the regalia and materials that we currently have and reappropriate them in new, culturally appropriate, regalia. This means that we will need plenty of sewing machines to make these new garments. If you are willing to bring along a sewing machine of your own, that would greatly benefit the event. Please keep in mind that anything you bring is your responsibility to make sure it is used properly and is taken home with you.  We will not be making new full sets of regalia. We will be mainly fixing old regalia.

If you have a loose-fitting button down shirt you are not attached to, or can purchase for this purpose, that you can use as a base, we can modify it to turn it into regalia! See this page for details on what types of shirts work.

We will have a ceremonialist training session for everyone, regardless of whether you are just starting or have been a ceremonialist for years. This is a great opportunity to train teams of ceremonialists. Get your chapter's or area's entire cermonies team to come! (or the people who want to be on your ceremonies team!) If you have access to your chapter's or area's existing regalia, bring it along, and we'll make sure it meets the current regulations and help modify it to meet them if they don't.

We will be sleeping on the floor of the event center. It was previously an elementary school, so prepare for sleeping on a hard floor. Bring a cot, extra sleeping mats, or a couple extra thick blankets for padding.

Parts A & B of the BSA Medical form and any appropriate COVID-19 waiver forms for your age (available in the attachments box on this page) will be required for attendance.

This weekend is for any members of Mishigami Lodge. There will be a limit of 75 participants due to space restrictions at the venue.

If you have any questions reach out to Nathan Onderlinde; ceremonies@mishigami.org

When & Where
East Olive Community Center
Friday 03-25-2022 6:00 PM ET to
Sunday 03-27-2022 11:00 AM ET Past
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