Heart of New England Council - CIT - TVSR - 2019

CIT - TVSR - 2019

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The Counselor In Training program is an introduction to camp staff while still giving campers a learning and camping experience. CITs are led and instructed by the Camp Commissioner who lives with them in the Arrow CIT Training Center, formerly the ECON and BSI program areas. The training center features its own private latrine, adirondacks, and indoor space for training and conferences. CITs give meaningful service to the camp, while working alongside the camp staff to become prepared for working as a camp counselor.

The program provides housing, meals, and training materials. Because participants are considered campers, they are afforded time off to enjoy certain program activities of the camp, and are given a Big Brother who is a member of the camp staff assigned to the CIT who spends time with them ensuring the quality of their experience.

What the CIT program is : An enriching and fulfilling training and volunteer service program for all youth at least 14 years old who have an interest in becoming a camp counselor.

What it is not : A discounted week of camp, nor a guarantee or promise of future hire.

Read more at www.TVSRBSA.org/CIT

Zachary Youssef
CIT Director
Peter Boll
Camp Business Manager
Worcester Service Center
19 Harvard St
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609
Phone: 508-752-3769
When & Where
CIT Program 2019
Treasure Valley Scout Reservation

Sunday 06-30-2019 12:00 AM to
Saturday 08-03-2019 11:59 PM
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