Northern Star Scouting - OA Thrive Webinar 2019

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OA Thrive Webinar 2019

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Order of the Arrow Thrive Webinar

The Totanhan Nakaha Lodge will be hosting an in-person viewing session on October 19th for the nation-wide Thrive webinar.  The Thrive webinar will tackle the future direction of our organization, and it is critical that members of chapter and lodge-level youth and adult leadership attend our in-person viewing session.     

On the webinar, the following topics will be discussed (as published by our national organization):

1. We will address the redefined role of the section, and explain how important each of you are to ensuring the success of our 269 lodges in the organization. It must be understood that our section leadership are the boots on the ground task force that exist to support, guide, and enable the lodges within their respective sections.  

2. We will also deliver new concepts focusing on the 3 key performance indicators: Unit Election Rate, Induction Rate, & Activation Rate.

3. We will also assign and lay out a 3 year plan to ensure each lodge reaches the status of “high performing”, meaning they have a 90% Unit Election Rate, 90% Induction Rate, and 50% Activation Rate.

4. We will issue an organization wide call-to-action, including a commitment and a declaration to elevate all 269 lodges to high performing status.

In order for our lodge to receive a unified message, we are expecting that our chapter and lodge leadership teams will be present to view the webinar. A call to action will be issued, and that call must be understood by our entire team.

“Those who chose you need you.” As leaders of Scouting’s National Honor Society, each of you serve among the top youth in our organization, and it is time to put that mindset into action.  With your leadership, we can assure you that the Order of the Arrow will not only exist for generations to come, but will Thrive.

When & Where
October 19th Webinar
Base Camp - Leadership Center
Saturday 10-19-2019 12:00 PM CT to 4:00 PM CT
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