Northern Star Scouting - 2021 Swim Program

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2021 Swim Program

Event Details



2021 Scout Swimming Skills Opportunity

Event Overview

This program will follow all current Minnesota Department of Health safety guidelines and BSA Safety guidelines with regard to pool social distancing and number of participants allowed. 

This event is open to any Scout at the Scouts BSA-level to take part in a 45 minute session with up to three other scouts and an instructor to work on swimming skills for 2nd and 1st Class rank advancement or the Swimming and Lifesaving Merit Badges.  Participating Scouts can also work on the skills required for their BSA Swim Test heading into the Summer resident camp season.  Any skills which are completed as a part of the event, will be signed off.  Scouts will need to bring their own blue cards for any Merit Badges or their Scout Handbook for any rank advancement sign off. 

Sessions for instruction will be on Saturday April 10th, 17th or 24th, 2021.  The times of the sessions will be 12:30PM, 1:30PM or 2:30PM.  Each session will last 45 minutes.   The cost is $10 for each session that a Scout signs-up to attend.   It is up to the Scout and their family to determine the number of sessions needed to work on particular skills or advancement requirements.   Parents will not be allowed into the pool area due to the restrictions on the total capacity of individuals within the pool area at a time.  When you check in at the pool you will let the instructor know what you wish to work on.  

Event Location

All sessions will be held at Centennial Pool, part of Centennial High School, 4757 North Road, Circle Pines, MN 55014.

Event Cost

The event cost will be $10 per participant per session.  

Swim Qualification By-Unit

If your unit is looking to have swim qualifications administered for Summer camp as a unit, please contact Char Gerard, Program Director (

Required Paperwork

All participants will be required to have a filled-out Health Screening Checklist, as well as parts A&B of the Annual Health and Medical Record (BSA Health Form).   

When & Where
Scouts BSA Swim Program 4/10
Centennial Pool
Saturday 04-10-2021
12:30 PM CT to 3:30 PM CT Past
More Information

Scouts BSA Swim Program 4/17
Centennial Pool
Saturday 04-17-2021
12:30 PM CT to 3:30 PM CT Past
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Scouts BSA Swim Program 4/24
Centennial Pool
Saturday 04-24-2021
12:30 PM CT to 3:30 PM CT Past
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