Northern Star Scouting - 2024 Spring Camporee

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2024 Spring Camporee

Event Details




2024 Northern Star Scouting Spring Camporee:

May 17-19 at Stearns Scout Camp

Event Overview

Northern Star Scouting is excited to announce the theme of the 2024 Spring Camporee- American Heroes

Scouts BSA participants who attend the event will have the opportunity to work on three Merit Badges- Citizenship in the Nation, Indian Lore and American Heritage.  This is a great time to take advantage of working on an Eagle Rank-required Merit Badge in a fun and engaging way! Other program offerings will include historical reenactments and displays, along with a whole host of other fun program opportunities.

Scouts intending to work on one or more Merit Badges should obtain a signed Merit Badge card from their Scoutmaster prior to the event. There are some requirements for each of these Merit Badges which cannot be completed at the Camporee so they would need to be done prior to the event if a Scout hopes to complete it at the Camporee. There are versions of the merit badge requirements available for download from this registration site that have been marked up to indicate which requirements can be done at the Camporee. Scouts are encouraged to be realistic about how much can be accomplished at the Camporee and perhaps focus on one or two of these badges.

There are limited slots available at specific times for the Indian Lore Merit Badge and for the Shooting Sports ranges. These will need to be reserved at the time of registration. Please do not register for multiple sessions of either of these items for the same Scout. Webelos should only register for the Shooting Sports sessions at the North Range where there will be BB guns. The South Range will have .22 rifles and is open only to Scouts BSA youth.

Scouts do not need to sign up for the American Heritage and Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badges- requirements will be completed by attending stations and programs throughout the day.

Details about the program are available in the Event Guide, available for download from this site. We are also encouraging Scout families to submit stories about veterans in their family history. We will prepare posters of these stories and photos for display in our “Hall of Heroes” at the event. Please see the document available for download with more information and an example of such a story.

Webelos Dens are encouraged to participate with a Scouts BSA Troop of their choice. Troops are encouraged to reach out and invite Dens of associated Packs to join them. The Den will act as a Patrol within the Troop. The Webelos Scouts will practice working together as a Patrol independently under Scout youth leadership. Parents of Webelos will camp and eat with the Troop adults while being able to observe their Scouts in action. Troops will plan their own menus and provide their own food. This is a great opportunity for Troops to show Webelos Scouts and their parents why they should join the Troop for the next step on the Scouting adventure trail.

Event Costs

Scouts BSA or Webelos Youth $25

Scouts BSA/ Webelos Adult $15

Webelos and Arrow of Light Scout (4th /5th grade Webelos) Participation

Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts are encouraged to attend but must register with an attending Troop. This event is considered a transition and retention activity and Webelos can participate alongside Scouts BSA Troops. 

Attending Webelos will camp in their own designated area away from the Scouts BSA Troops, and will be expected to follow all appropriate Cub Scout Camping guidelines as detailed in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will meals be provided?

Meals will not be provided as a part of the event.  Please plan on developing your own unit menu and providing equipment accordingly.  

Are Health Forms and Pre-Screening Forms required for participants on-site for less than 72 hours?

Yes, all participants remaining on-site will require a Pre-Screening Form and Health Form to be submitted. 

What is the event refund policy?

If a cancelation is made at least 14 days prior to the event start date, a full refund is issued. Refunds are not issued within 14 days, except in cases of emergency. 

If the event is canceled by the organizer and the rescheduled event date cannot be attended by the participant or group, a full refund will be issued.

When & Where
2024 Spring Camporee
Stearns Scout Camp
Friday 05-17-2024 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 05-19-2024 11:00 AM CT Past
More Information