Northern Star Scouting - Many Waters Merit Badge and Brownsea Camporee 2018

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Many Waters Merit Badge and Brownsea Camporee 2018

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Many Waters Merit Badge & Brownsea Weekend
April 27-29, 2018
Fred C Andersen Scout Camp
This is our 35th year of offering Merit Badge and Brownsea Skills Camps! Our District still contains many of the original rural units that first took part in these events, designed to help them find counselors for badges that weren't offered in their area. 
This year, we are offering 8 Eagle required badges and 9 Electives, plus our ever-popular Brownsea Skills Camp for our youngest/newest scouts. The fees to participate have not changed in the last 5 years! The fee covers both the District's need to register to take the whole camp, plus individual camping fees (paid by all registrants whether they come for the day or stay all weekend).
Try to have all your information ready before you begin the online registration process: Know which of your scouts will attend a Merit Badge, which will do Brownsea, plus, know who among your adults will attend and where they would like to be, plus if your unit will camp, what your preference will be. Keep the ID # for your unit's first online registration so you can add to that later: that makes it so that on the reports your unit is seen all together. 
Many Waters units are advised to sign up early, as the offerings will be open to other Districts on April 10th. The final deadline for registration is April 24th, but our advice is not to wait; your scouts will most-likely be ill-prepared, and only a small amount of the badges will still be open. Counselors tell us as they agree to do their badges the number of scouts they are willing to work with, so it's difficult to go back and ask for more spaces. 
If, after signing up for a badge, a scout finds he cannot attend, please let organizers know, as there are always waiting lists for the more popular badges.
Adults: We have called out several ways in the online registration for you to participate this year. In addition to the usuals like Staff, Merit Badge Counselor/Brownsea Leader, we would like your unit adults to decide before you do the online registration whether they would like to be during the day. This : 
Adult attending Brownsea (at a 1 adult for every 6 scouts you sign up)
Adult attending Merit Badge (with 2 options: 1. write in badge you'd like to attend, and 2. To Be Determined - meaning we att'd like to gather names of those attending but haven't decided where to be; after the registration is over we will contact those adults to let them know where we need helpers)
Please find in these attachments:
Instructions for Leaders & Scouts (Read First)
Accommodations Hand-out (Needed If Unit will Camp in Tent or Building)
1-page List of Merit Badge Offerings + Brownsea information (Includes Info such as whether badges are all-day or half-day, what Scouts should "Do Ahead" & "Be Prepared with" on the day, plus, some badges & Brownsea require materials fees to be paid directly to the Merit Badge Counselor.
Citizenship in the Nation Handout - Pre-work instructions for registered attendees
Map showing where badges will take place, plus tent sites. Does NOT show unit tent and building placements - Map will be updated with that info after the registration deadline is past.


When & Where
Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp
Friday 04-27-2018 5:00 PM to
Sunday 04-29-2018 11:00 AM Past
More Information
Holly Peirson
Event Chair
Marc Johannsen
Event Co-Chair
Hulings Center
6202 Bloomington Rd
Fort Snelling, Minnesota 55111
Phone: 612-261-2300