Northern Star Scouting - 2024 Northern Star Scouting Klondike Derby Series

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2024 Northern Star Scouting Klondike Derby Series

Event Details

2024 Northern Star Scouting
Klondike Derby


Klondike Series Overview

Join your fellow Troops and Crews from across Northern Star Scouting for a weekend of competition, Scout skills, and fellowship during our two Klondike Derbies. Klondike events are an excellent opportunity for your unit to demonstrate proficiency in Scout skills and teamwork. Each Klondike event is open to all Northern Star Scouts BSA Troops or Venture Crews regardless of District affiliation. 

The 2024 Klondike Derby events will be held on two different weekends at two different Northern Star Scouting camps in the winter of 2024.  Join us January 27th at Fred C. Andersen Camp, or February 17th at Rum River Scout Camp.  The Klondike Derby leader guide is available on the council website. We hope to see you this winter! 

Event Registration Details

Pre-registration through this site is required.  At the time of registration, names of participants will be optional (but rosters will need to be submitted at the event).  

Event Costs

Scouts: $20 each (price increases to $25 within two weeks of the event).  

Staff/ Adults: $15 each (price increases to $20 within two weeks of the event). 

Required Paperwork

All units will be required to have parts A and B of the Boy Scouts of America's Annual Health and Medical Record for each participant. 

Preparing for Klondike

Be sure to read the Leader Guide for more information about what to bring to the event, and how to prepare your Scouts for a fun, safe, and successful experience.  The Klondike Derby leader guide is available in the attachments section on the right-hand side of this page, or through a link on the Northern Star Scouting website.   

Webelos and Arrow of Light Scout (4th /5th grade Webelos) Participation

Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts are welcome to attend, but must register with an attending unit.  Programming on offer will be geared toward Scouts BSA and Venturing participants.    

Frequently Asked Questions

How will programming occur at the Klondike Derby events?

Programming has returned to a traditional format, and will include inter-Troop competition and staffed stations.     

Will meals be provided?

Units should plan to bring a lunch for the event. Units are also asked to provide one can of soup or broth to contribute to a “stone soup” which the staff will warm for lunch. Please note food allergies in the medical concerns section of the registration. Staff will work with participants to ensure there is a warm option for them.

Are Health Forms and Pre-Screening Forms required for participants on-site for less than 72 hours?

Yes, all participants remaining on-site will require a Pre-Screening Form and Health Form to be submitted. 

Why is there a cap to the number of participants?

With two offerings, the event organizing committee is confident that event demand can be met.  The participation cap is in place to ensure that the volunteer team can adequately serve participating units.   

What gear will units be expected to bring?

See the leader guide for a list of supplies units are to provide. If you have questions about the supply list contact event organizers.


When & Where
2024 Klondike Derby Saturday FCA
Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp
Saturday 01-27-2024
8:30 AM CT to 4:00 PM CT
More Information

2024 Klondike Derby Saturday Rum River
Rum River Scout Camp
Saturday 02-17-2024
8:30 AM CT to 4:00 PM CT
More Information