Northern Star Scouting - 2022 Northern Star Scouting Klondike Derby

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2022 Northern Star Scouting Klondike Derby

Event Details

2022 Northern Star Scouting
Klondike Derby


Klondike Series Overview

Join your fellow troops and crews from across Northern Star Scouting for a weekend of competition, Scout skills, and fellowship during our four Klondike Derbies.  The Klondike events are an excellent opportunity for your unit to demonstrate proficiency in Scout skills and teamwork. Each Klondike event is open to all Northern Star Scouts BSA troops or Venture crews regardless of district affiliation. 

The 2022 Klondike Derby events will be held on two different weekends at two different Northern Star Scouting camps in the winter of 2022.  Standalone events will be offered on Saturday and Sunday, for a total of four offerings. Join us January 29th and 30th at Stearns Scout Camp, or February 19th and 20th at Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp.  The Klondike Derby leader guide is available on the council website, as well as in the event attachments on this page. We hope to see you this winter! (Updated 1/12/2021)

Event Registration Details

Groups will not be limited to a cohort size per COVID-19 guidelines as was required in 2021.  Rotational groups are designed for up to 25 Scouts - if you are planning on bringing more than 25 youth to the Klondike Derby, please contact the planning team using the information listed below.  In order to abide by COVID-19 best practices, all participants must be pre-registered (no walk-ins will be allowed). 

Our aim is to serve up to 200 youth per Klondike Derby (8 rotations of 25 Scouts).        

Event Costs

Scouts: $15 each.

Staff/ Adults: $10 each. 

Required Paperwork

All participants will be required to submit a COVID-19 Screening Checklist and parts A and B of the Boy Scouts of America's Annual Health and Medical Record. 

Preparing for Klondike

Be sure to read the Leader Guide for more information about what to bring to the event, and how to prepare your Scouts for a fun, safe, and successful experience.  Check out the Klondike Leader Guide on this page, or on the Northern Star Scouting Stuff to Do page.   

Webelos and Arrow of Light Scout (4th /5th grade Webelos) Participation

Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts are welcome to attend, but must register with an attending unit.  Programming on offer will be geared toward Scouts BSA and Venturing participants.    

COVID-19 Information/ Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 12/28/2021)

Are there restrictions on who can attend the Klondike events?

We are asking those participants with serious underlying medical conditions as outlined by the CDC to not attend camp for their own safety. Those who are in this group need to have a conversation with their medical provider when considering attending one of the Klondike events.

What are the expectations for travel to and from the Klondike events?

We encourage people to travel to and from the Klondike Derby as families or household groups.  However, the final decision on travel arrangements will be at the discretion of each parent.

What social distancing measures will be in place at the Klondike Derby events?

We fully anticipate social distancing will be a part of our Klondike events.  That said, the event will be returning to a staffed station model and inter-Troop competition.  We are encouraging participants to adhere to best practices, including maintaining six feet of distance when possible, as well as wearing face masks. 

What will health and sanitation look like at the Klondike Derby events? 

Expect more frequent required hand washing, greater access to hand washing and hand sanitizer.

Will we be required to wear masks while participating in the Klondike Derby? 

Based on guidance we are recommending that participants wear masks when social distancing cannot be maintained.  Masks will be required when indoors or occupying enclosed spaces.   

What if a participant shows symptoms of COVID-19 after attending a Klondike Derby event? 

Our expectation is that any participant who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 would promptly contact their physician for evaluation.  If a test is administered and the results are positive for COVID-19, a public health official will contact the individual. Please discuss the individual’s involvement in a Scouting activity with them and provide Northern Star’s contact information (Kris Burbank: 612-261-2450 or  Public health will reach out to us directly.

If the symptoms occur greater than 14 days after conclusion of the activity the risk of COVID related to the activity or transmission to others present at the activity would be extremely low.

How will programming occur at the Klondike Derby events?

Programming will retunr to a more traditional format in 2022, with inter-Troop competition and staffed stations.     

Will meals be provided?

Two options are available for the events: A) Dump Soup - a common soup will be maintained by Camporee staff for units.  B) Units can bring their own equipment and meal option to cook at their "home base."  See the Camporee packet for more information.  

Are Health Forms and Pre-Screening Forms required for participants on-site for less than 72 hours?

Yes, all participants remaining on-site will require a Pre-Screening Form and Health Form to be submitted. 

Why is there a cap to the number of participants?

With four offerings, the event organizing committee is confident that event demand can be met.  

When & Where
2022 Klondike Derby Saturday SSC
Stearns Scout Camp
Saturday 01-29-2022 8:30 AM CT to 4:00 PM CT
More Information

2022 Klondike Derby Sunday SSC
Stearns Scout Camp
Sunday 01-30-2022 8:30 AM CT to 4:00 PM CT
More Information

2022 Klondike Derby Saturday FCA
Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp
Saturday 02-19-2022 8:30 AM CT to 4:00 PM CT
More Information

2021 Klondike Derby Sunday FCA
Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp
Sunday 02-20-2022 8:30 AM CT to 4:00 PM CT
More Information