Northern Star Scouting - OA Fall Fellowship

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OA Fall Fellowship

Event Details





Where: Maplewood Middle School (2410 Holloway Ave E, Maplewood, MN 55109)

When: October 12-13  (6:00p.m. Friday - Saturday 6:00a.m.)


- Youth w/ Swimming - $25

- Youth w/ out swimming - $20

- Adult - $15

- Youth is anyone under age 21 and adult is anyone over the age of 21

Activities Include: swimming, gym games, video games, board games, food (Chick-fil-a), movies, OA classes, and more!!

Other Information:

Lodge Trading Post will be available

- Health Form Required (Part A and B)

Totanhan Nakaha Lodge invite you to the 2018 Fall Fellowship - make the journey to Maplewood for a new experience!  Come join us as we stay up late and find little reason to sleep, all in the name of brotherhood, cheerfulness and service.

 At the Maplewood Location, you will have the opportunity to swim in the pool, compete in the gym, and meet other Arrowmen from around the Council!  Need a little time to relax?  We'll also be showing movies in the community rooms.  Want to learn a little more about ceremonies and regalia?  We will have a marquee session at midnight to broaden your knowledge.

 We will be providing information sessions on the Order of the Arrow for Arrowmen of all ages and experience levels.

- New Member Orientation:  Just completed the Ordeal?  Learn about the tests of the Ordeal, what it takes to become Brotherhood, and learn what the OA has to offer!

- Brotherhood and Beyond:  What does it mean to be a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow?  Join our session to discuss the Arrowmen's duty to Scouting and what's next in your OA journey?

- OA Basics:  Learn more about the events and programs of the OA, from the lodge activities all the way to national events such as NOAC and other programs!



When & Where
Maplewood Middle School
Friday 10-12-2018 6:00 PM CT to
Saturday 10-13-2018 6:00 AM CT Past
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