Northern Star Scouting - 2019-2020 Membership Fee

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Review the information on youth and adult registration in the tabs below. Then select the number of youth/adults.

We'll ask you for details on each individual in the next step.

New Youth Members

We're looking forward to having you join Scouting! This option is for youth not currently registered in Scouting.

Current Youth Member

We're glad you're sticking around! This option is for youth who are already registered in their current pack, troop or crew


The youth registration fee is $144 and covers registration for the 2019-2020 program year. You can pay all at once or in two installments of $72 each.

Financial Assistance?

It's our goal to never turn away a young person because they cannot afford the membership fee. To receive financial assistance, during the registration process you'll be able to enter the amount of assistance you're requesting.

Current Adult Leaders

We're glad you're continuing your Scouting adventure. This option is for adults who are already registered in their current pack, troop or crew


Adult registration renewal is $33, payable in one installment. New adult leader applications must be submitted in a separate process.

New Adult Leaders

We're looking forward to having you! Adults not currently registered in Scouting cannot register online. This is because each adult goes through a more rigorous process to meet our Youth Protection standards.

New adult leaders should fill out and turn in a paper application. Current "Adult Partners" transitioning into leadership roles must also register as New Adult Leaders.

2019-2020 Membership Fee
Paying in Full
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